API Evangelist Partners

These are my partners who invest in API Evangelist each month, helping underwrite my research, and making sure I'm able to keep monitoring the API space as I do.


Streamdata is a software vendor making real-time data accessible to all by operating a proxy turning request / response APIs into feeds of real-time events.


Uptrends is the ultimate monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers.


3scale makes it easy to open, secure, distribute, control and monetize APIs, that is built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind.

API Bots News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Twitter removes thousands of bot accounts discouraging Democrats from voting in the midterms (2018-11-02) www.theverge.com
Twitter removes bot accounts that discouraged voting (2018-11-02) mashable.com
Twitter removes thousands of accounts that tried to dissuade Democrats from voting (2018-11-02) techcrunch.com
Anatomy of Twitter Bots: Fake Followers (2018-10-23) duo.com
Building a serverless chatbot with AWS Lex, Lambda and Amazon Aurora: Part 1. (2018-10-15) medium.com
HodlBot — An Intelligent Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Everyday Investors (2018-09-18) medium.com
Build a Smile Bot Using Ziggeo’s Video API & OpenCV for Node.js (2018-09-18) medium.com
The Most Popular Chatbot Frameworks For Building Intelligent Business Bots (2018-09-16) medium.com
Chatbot Question and Answer (2018-09-16) dzone.com
Binance Bots — A Roadmap for the Future (2018-09-08) medium.com
Tips for a Compelling Chatbot Customer Experience (2018-09-03) blog.freshdesk.com
Botnets Serving Up More Multipurpose Malware (2018-08-30) www.darkreading.com
Dos and Don’ts of Designing Chatbot Conversations (2018-08-29) blog.freshdesk.com
As if bots weren’t bad enough already, now they’re anti (2018-08-28) www.washingtonpost.com
How Can Chatbots Benefit Your Business in Various ways? (2018-08-26) medium.com
Russian trolls and Twitter bots exploit vaccine controversy (2018-08-23) www.washingtonpost.com
The Anatomy of a Chatbot (2018-08-20) dzone.com
Bots on Amazon's task service may be souring psych studies (2018-08-18) www.engadget.com
Creating Your Own Whimsical Twitter Bot With Tracery (2018-08-15) medium.com
Build (2018-08-10) medium.com
Announcing Custom Bots, the chatbots that drive business growth (2018-08-08) www.intercom.com
Twitter bots are running amok with your public Venmo data (2018-07-19) thenextweb.com
My bots are now homeless. (2018-07-17) medium.com
Twitter's CEO lost 200,000 followers in a purge of accounts taken over by bots or spammers (TWTR) (2018-07-12) www.businessinsider.com
eo_13800_botnet_report_ (2018-07-11) www.commerce.gov
Chatbots: An Invaluable Asset for Small Businesses  (2018-07-11) medium.com
Your first Drift Conversation Bot (2018-07-03) medium.com
Leena AI builds HR chatbots to answer policy questions automatically (2018-06-29) techcrunch.com
Creating Your Own Whimsical Twitter Bot With Tracery (2018-06-28) dzone.com
Twitter commits to taking on the bots and the abusers (yet again) (2018-06-27) mashable.com
Bill Gates thinks Elon Musk's AI bots working together to beat humans in Dota 2 is a 'huge milestone' (2018-06-27) mashable.com
Why Should You Start Using AI Chatbots? (2018-06-23) dzone.com
How to start accepting payments with your Telegram Bot (2018-06-14) medium.com
Twitter concealed evidence of automation during 'botmageddon' (2018-05-14) coconuts.co
How to integrate Watson Assistant with just about anything (2018-05-11) mobilebusinessinsights.com
NYC Transit is building a fleet of chatbots (2018-05-04) gcn.com
The Good, the Bad & the Disruptive: Bots on the Wild, Wild Web (2018-04-12) www.darkreading.com
Build a Twitter Chatbot with PubNub Functions (2018-04-04) medium.com
Ben is a chatbot that lets you learn about and buy Bitcoin (2018-03-22) techcrunch.com
Hackers Are So Fed Up With Twitter Bots They're Hunting Them Down Themselves (2018-03-16) theintercept.com
AWS Tutorial: How to Build a Serverless Slack Chatbot (2018-03-13) medium.com
We’re All Russian Bots Now (2018-03-07) www.politico.com
Bots for everything? Or is it? (2018-03-05) medium.com
Twitter Bot Using Amazon Translate (2018-03-05) medium.com
Hackathon Showcases Glip Bots (2018-03-01) medium.com
Twitter begins bot purge (2018-02-22) www.campaignasia.com
Twitter is (finally) cracking down on bots (2018-02-22) techcrunch.com
Twitter suspends thousands of suspected bot accounts, and the pro (2018-02-21) www.washingtonpost.com
Twitter updates its developer rules to crack down on bots (2018-02-21) mashable.com
Twitter “bot” purge causes outcry from trollerati as follower counts fall (2018-02-21) arstechnica.com
Some prominent conservatives and white supremacists are blaming Twitter's bot crackdown for wiping out thousands of their followers (TWTR) (2018-02-21) www.businessinsider.com
Conservative Twitter is freaking out over a reported bot purge (2018-02-21) www.theverge.com
Russian trolls and bots take to Twitter following Florida school shooting (2018-02-15) mashable.com
The Mirai Botnet Is Attacking Again... (2018-02-15) www.darkreading.com
No one can tell Russian bots from average trolls on Twitter, and that's a very bad thing (2018-02-14) mashable.com
Remember those Russian bots from 2016? They’re coming back. (2018-02-13) www.washingtonpost.com
A bot to manage GitHub repository using Azure Functions (2018-02-13) medium.com
Let’s build a python twitter bot (Part 1) (2018-02-08) medium.com
Twitter’s profitable. Now it’s time to address the bot issue. (2018-02-08) thenextweb.com
Messenger Bot With DialogFlow and Golang (2018-02-06) dzone.com
Computational Propaganda and Totalitarianism (A Thread) (2018-02-04) hapgood.us
Twitter accused of dodging Brexit botnet questions again (2018-01-26) techcrunch.com
Ad networks let you easily and quickly make a botnet (2018-01-17) boingboing.net
This chatbot wants to cut through the noise on climate science (2018-01-14) mashable.com
It’s Not A Two Horse Race For Voice Assistants And Chatbots Ain’t Dying (2018-01-14) medium.com
Chinese dating apps shut down after it was revealed it used bots posing as women (2018-01-08) boingboing.net
Chatbot with Angular 5 & DialogFlow (2018-01-04) medium.com
My favorite Twitter account is a bot (2017-12-30) mashable.com
How Chatbots are connected with the Facebook Messenger (2017-12-28) medium.com
How to Develop a Chatbot From Scratch (2017-12-28) dzone.com
Twitter bans 'Impostor Buster' bot that ID'd Nazi trolls (2017-12-28) www.engadget.com
Twitter bans 'Impostor Buster' bot that ID'd Nazi trolls (2017-12-28) www.engadget.com
The Networking Bots Are Coming (2017-12-27) www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com
Bot + Human Hybrid: The New Era of Customer Support (2017-12-22) medium.com
Let’s agree to stop it with the AI chatbot bullshit in 2018, k? (2017-12-21) thenextweb.com
Twitter makes it easier for developers to build chatbots on its platform (2017-12-20) vator.tv
Twitter adds a new enterprise software link for chatbots and customer service (2017-12-20) siliconangle.com
Twitter launches enterprise API to power business apps and chatbots (2017-12-20) www.techrepublic.com
A Quick Guide to Identify Twitterbots Using AI (2017-12-19) dzone.com
Twitter launches a new enterprise API to power customer service and chatbots (2017-12-19) techcrunch.com
What we learned building our bot (2017-12-18) blog.intercom.com
An SDK to Integrate DialogFlow With Golang for Bot Development (2017-12-17) dzone.com
Art, Bots and Empathy (2017-12-14) medium.com
IBM Unveils Bot Exchange, Code Patterns for AI, Blockchain, More (2017-12-14) adtmag.com
Enabling developers to build better conversational bots: Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding now ... (2017-12-14) www.military-technologies.net
Microsoft makes Azure Bot Service generally available for developers (2017-12-13) techcrunch.com
How Bots and Cyborgs Spread Misinformation: A Data Scientist Finds 5,000+ Bots in 72,000,000… (2017-12-12) medium.com
Necurs Botnet Returns to Top 10 Malware List (2017-12-11) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
The Difference Between Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Bots (2017-12-11) dzone.com
Russian Twitter bots are reportedly helping #NoRussiaNoGames push (2017-12-08) www.engadget.com
Global Police Dismantle Andromeda Botnet (2017-12-05) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
‘The Woebot will see you now’: The rise of chatbot therapy (2017-12-03) www.washingtonpost.com
Let’s Make a Chatbot — Microsoft Bot Framework + Node.js (2017-12-03) medium.com
Creating a bot for Amazon Chime with AWS (2017-12-01) medium.com
Twitter bot under 50 lines using Javascript (2017-11-30) medium.com
Financial services are fighting robo advisors with emotional intelligence (2017-11-28) thenextweb.com
Twitter shut down 45 bots allegedly linked to Russian propaganda (TWTR) (2017-11-24) www.businessinsider.com
Building Facebook Messenger Bots With Botkit and Watson (2017-11-23) dzone.com
Trickbot Evolves with Account (2017-11-22) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Facebook bots. Slack bots. Skype bots. Why chatbot platforms and messenger apps are quickly expanding their bot inventory (2017-11-21) www.businessinsider.com
The future of our Operator bot is in London (2017-11-21) blog.intercom.com
A twitterbot that generates hypothetical Hallmark holiday movies (2017-11-20) boingboing.net
Beware of the Bots in the Process of Digital Transformation (2017-11-17) dzone.com
Google Announces Enterprise Version of Dialogflow Chatbot API (2017-11-17) www.eweek.com
Businesses Can't Tell Good Bots from Bad Bots: Report (2017-11-17) www.darkreading.com
This Twitter bot will colorize your black (2017-11-15) thenextweb.com
Russian bots dropped 45,000 garbage tweets on us during the Brexit referendum (2017-11-15) mashable.com
YouTube creators are frustrated that a bot keeps demonetizing their videos (2017-11-14) www.theverge.com
The Future of Bots and Artificial Intelligence (2017-11-14) blogs.cisco.com
Should you sign that NDA? This AI law (2017-11-14) boingboing.net
That tweet trolling a Muslim woman during the Westminster attack was actually by a Russian bot (2017-11-14) mashable.com
Find out if you are a Twitter bot with Botometer (2017-11-13) boingboing.net
How Distil Empowers SecOps and Devs to Stop Bots With JavaScript (2017-11-10) dzone.com
Bot.Me: A revolutionary partnership (2017-11-10) thegovlab.org
Send scam emails to this chatbot and it’ll waste their time for you (2017-11-10) www.theverge.com
Chatbot Workshop at Seattle’s Building Intelligent Applications Meetup (2017-11-09) blog.algorithmia.com
DialogFlow (API.AI) Golang SDK (2017-11-09) medium.com
Messenger Bot with DialogFlow & Golang (2017-11-09) medium.com
AP Exclusive: Russia Twitter trolls deflected Trump bad news (2017-11-09) hosted.ap.org
THE CHATBOT MONETIZATION REPORT: Sizing the market, key strategies, and how to navigate the chatbot opportunity (FB, AAPL, GOOG) (2017-11-06) www.businessinsider.com
What we’re learning from Answer Bot (2017-11-06) www.zendesk.com
Did ‘bots’ inflame online anger over controversial ad in Va governor’s race? (2017-11-05) www.washingtonpost.com
HSBC unveils robo (2017-11-02) www.businessinsider.com
This Twitter tool tells you if you’re arguing with a propaganda bot (2017-11-02) thenextweb.com
Botcheck.me: a plugin that predicts whether a Twitter user is a bot (2017-10-31) boingboing.net
Build a “Serverless” Reddit Bot in 3 Steps with Node.js and StdLib Sourcecode (2017-10-31) medium.com
Bot (2017-10-25) techcrunch.com
Hello from BotReach (2017-10-25) medium.com
Serverless Telegram bot on AWS Lambda (2017-10-25) medium.com
IOTroop Botnet Hits Over a Million Organizations in Under 30 Days (2017-10-20) www.darkreading.com
Reaper Botnet Has Come for the Internet (2017-10-20) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
23 tweets from @TEN_GOP, the pro (2017-10-19) www.vox.com
Open source and API driven chatbots allow businesses to build cross (2017-10-18) www.businessinsider.com
Create A Free, Open (2017-10-17) medium.com
Building Brundage Bot (2017-10-16) medium.com
Why Twitter's 30 million bots are here to stay (2017-10-16) mashable.com
Bots helped me understand Serverless Architectures / Services (2017-10-16) medium.com
Social bots as a threat to democracy (2017-10-16) boingboing.net
I’ve just solved Twitter’s fake news and bad bot problem overnight. (2017-10-13) medium.com
Twitter bot creates beautiful art out of glitchy YouTube videos (2017-10-11) thenextweb.com
We've created a Twitter bot that provides hourly updates on the situation in Puerto Rico (2017-10-11) www.washingtonpost.com
An AI bot operated by Wells Fargo just slapped sell ratings on Google and Facebook (2017-10-09) www.businessinsider.com
How chatbots and artificial intelligence will save banks and the finance industry billions (2017-10-09) www.businessinsider.com
Twitter bot's 'Glitch Art' is a digital impressionist dream (2017-10-09) www.engadget.com
Chatbots are here to stay, what the data is telling us about the people that use them (2017-10-09) thenextweb.com
Arguing with a Spoon: On Slack Bots (2017-10-09) medium.com
‘Buyer Bots’ negotiating with ‘Seller Bots’ (2017-10-07) medium.com
Analysis of 22 million FCC comments show that humans love Net Neutrality and bots really, really hate it (2017-10-04) boingboing.net
Telegram Bot Prototype using Serverless Framework and Webtask (2017-10-02) medium.com
Stack2Slack: a Slack bot written in Go to monitor StackOverflow tags (2017-10-02) dunglas.fr
Twitter's Russia investigation should look at Trump's historic interactions with bots (TWTR) (2017-10-01) www.businessinsider.com
There's growing concern that Russia (2017-09-28) www.businessinsider.com
There's growing concern that Russia (2017-09-28) www.businessinsider.com
How to Live by the Code of Good Bots (2017-09-27) www.darkreading.com
How chatbots could change customer service over the next 5 years (2017-09-27) www.businessinsider.com
Live Nation’s Messenger bot finds concerts you won’t want to miss (2017-09-26) www.engadget.com
Deploying a serverless Youtube (2017-09-25) medium.com
Russian Twitter bots boosted baseless voter fraud claims in Germany (2017-09-25) mashable.com
Researchers find that Twitter bots can be used for good (2017-09-25) techcrunch.com
How to build a server (2017-09-24) medium.com
Citizens angry over GOP healthcare bills are overloading the bot designed to help them reach Congress (2017-09-22) www.businessinsider.com
Twitter to testify on Russian bots as politicians take aim at big tech (2017-09-21) mashable.com
The Truth About AI in Customer Service (2017-09-20) www.helpscout.net
HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI (2017-09-20) techcrunch.com
One of the oldest AI companies is about to start selling its chat bot DNA (2017-09-19) thenextweb.com
Chatbot Vocabulary: 10 Chatbot Acronyms Most People Confuse (2017-09-19) medium.com
After years of chasing brokers and bots, ‘slow ticketing’ will help both artists and fans (2017-09-18) techcrunch.com
No, a chatbot can’t automatically sue Equifax for $25,000 (2017-09-13) techcrunch.com
10 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Devices From Becoming Bots (2017-09-13) www.darkreading.com
Chatbot helps asylum seekers prepare for their interviews (2017-09-13) thegovlab.org
Want to sue Equifax, but don't want to hire a lawyer? This chatbot does it for you. (2017-09-12) www.washingtonpost.com
MindLink API: Your Bot Framework for Lync and Skype for Business On Premise (2017-09-12) medium.com
We Need to Talk About Kevin: My attempt to build a trustworthy Twitter bot (2017-09-12) medium.com
Why chatbots won’t necessarily replace humans (2017-09-11) www.zendesk.com
How Should Bots Respond to Frustration? (2017-09-10) thenewstack.io
Shaving down ticket volume with Answer Bot (2017-09-07) www.zendesk.com
The ROI of empowered agents (2017-09-06) www.zendesk.com
Not that long ago, ChatBots have become a think of interest in many spheres. (2017-09-06) medium.com
The secret language of chatbots (2017-09-06) techcrunch.com
IDN Homograph Attack Spreading Betabot Backdoor (2017-09-06) kasperskycontenthub.com
Create your first Slack bot that can answer any queries using WolframAlpha API (2017-09-04) medium.com
Writing a simple Telegram bot in Kotlin as a Spring Boot application (2017-09-03) medium.com
Twitter has a big bot problem (2017-09-01) techcrunch.com
BotMan 2.0 PHP Chatbot Framework (2017-09-01) laravel-news.com
Twitter Bots Use Likes, RTs for Intimidation (2017-08-30) krebsonsecurity.com
Comedian Jim Gaffigan's chatbot is here and it demands snacks (2017-08-30) mashable.com
Your First Telegram Bot (2017-08-24) medium.com
Designing API Usage Guidelines For Bot Clients (2017-08-24) nordicapis.com
You Probably Don’t Need Your Own Chatbot (2017-08-21) blog.diffbot.com
'Hope Floats' is a seaborne bot that spams lawmakers with calls (2017-08-16) www.engadget.com
Introducing Answer Bot (2017-08-15) www.zendesk.com
How to spot a Twitter bot (2017-08-13) www.theverge.com
OpenAI bot remains undefeated against world’s greatest Dota 2 players (2017-08-12) techcrunch.com
Plasticity wants to help chatbots seem less robotic (2017-08-11) techcrunch.com
Thingbots Set to Underpin the Darknet of the Future (2017-08-11) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Sleeperbot is the best place to host your fantasy football league this season (2017-08-11) techcrunch.com
A Beginner’s Journey Building a Slackbot (2017-08-10) medium.com
3 Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Bot to the Enterprise (2017-08-10) thenewstack.io
Announcing Operator: the bot for better customer experiences (2017-08-09) blog.intercom.com
There's a weird backstory behind the Twitter 'bot' Trump retweeted (2017-08-08) www.businessinsider.com
Twitter Bots Say They're Sticking with Trump (2017-08-08) boingboing.net
Trump tweeted his appreciation to a social media super (2017-08-07) www.washingtonpost.com
Rise of the Government Chatbot (2017-08-07) thegovlab.org
Making A Twitter Bot With Spotify (2017-08-07) medium.com
Russian bots are turning against GOP, attacking Republicans (2017-08-07) boingboing.net
Trump retweeted a Twitter bot — then it got suspended (2017-08-07) www.businessinsider.com
Russian Botnet Creator Receives 46 (2017-08-04) www.darkreading.com
Chatbots Without Code: 5 Paths To Easy Business Bot Development (2017-08-04) thenextweb.com
Facebook acquires AI startup to make Messenger chatbots better (2017-08-03) readwrite.com
Chinese chatbots are revolting against the Communist Party (2017-08-03) mashable.com
Chatbots for business: a new support standard (2017-08-03) www.zendesk.com
Chinese chatbots taken offline after refusing to say they love the Communist Party (2017-08-03) www.theverge.com
Tencent removed Microsoft's Chinese AI chatbot after it posted unpatriotic messages (MSFT) (2017-08-03) www.businessinsider.com
Using Machine Learning to Combat Bots (2017-08-02) www.darkreading.com
New Web tool tracks Russian “influence ops” on Twitter (2017-08-02) arstechnica.com
Celebrity Twitter accounts behave a lot like bots, study says (2017-08-02) thenextweb.com
The user is an API (2017-07-31) medium.com
Life Bot’s new Alexa app can text you reminders, help with daily activities (2017-07-28) techcrunch.com
How to improve the creation of your chatbot on Api.ai (2017-07-27) medium.com
Wit.ai is shutting down Bot Engine as Facebook rolls NLP into its updated Messenger Platform (2017-07-27) techcrunch.com
Facebook Messenger update makes business bots easier to deal with (2017-07-27) www.engadget.com
Report: Bots Now Make Up 22% Of Twitter Executives (2017-07-26) www.theonion.com
FBI Talks Avalanche Botnet Takedown (2017-07-26) www.darkreading.com
ChatBot for Image Manipulation (2017-07-24) cloudinary.com
Bots Make Lousy Dates, But Not Cheap Ones (2017-07-24) www.darkreading.com
Microsoft's AI chatbot says Windows is 'spyware' (2017-07-24) www.businessinsider.com
How I Built a Twitter Bot Using Auth0 Webtasks and Data.gov (2017-07-24) auth0.com
Your Telegram chats now include disappearing photos (2017-07-23) www.engadget.com
It's time to admit digital assistants are overrated (2017-07-22) www.businessinsider.com
Why Chatbots are Failing Your Customers (2017-07-19) blog.sprinklr.com
Clara Labs nabs $7M Series A as it positions its AI assistant to meet the needs of enterprise teams (2017-07-19) techcrunch.com
Propaganda bots dominate social networks in some countries (2017-07-18) www.engadget.com
Botnet Tweeting, Spamming Porn Shut Down (2017-07-17) kasperskycontenthub.com
Twitter porn bots drew in over 30 million clicks (2017-07-17) www.engadget.com
Reach Robotics closes $7.5M Series A for its augmented reality bots (2017-07-17) techcrunch.com
The Heroin, Spoon and Syringe Phone Case and More Surreal Listings by a Bot Gone Mad (2017-07-16) thenewstack.io
Porn Spam Botnet Has Evil Twitter Twin (2017-07-16) krebsonsecurity.com
THE CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE REPORT: Chatbots' impact on the payments ecosystem and how merchants can capitalize on them (2017-07-14) www.businessinsider.com
Word gets around: Chattanooga adopts Facebook chatbot for open data (2017-07-13) sunlightfoundation.com
DoNotPay launches 1,000 new bots to help you with your legal problems (2017-07-12) techcrunch.com
Immigration chat bot now helps you apply for a green card (2017-07-11) www.engadget.com
A free robot lawyer that appealed £2 million in parking tickets can now help you in 1,000 areas of law (2017-07-11) www.businessinsider.com
Twitter Bots That Actually Don't Suck (2017-07-11) mashable.com
Early chatbot believers Howdy and Bot Metrics join forces to deliver on the promise of bots (2017-07-11) techcrunch.com
THE CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE REPORT: Chatbots' impact on the payments ecosystem and how merchants can capitalize on them (2017-07-10) www.businessinsider.com
A bot on Amazon is making the best, worst smartphones cases (2017-07-10) www.theverge.com
Pro (2017-07-07) www.theverge.com
Write, Launch, Forget: Building a Chatbot on Cloud Functions (2017-07-04) medium.com
Facebook's new attempt to get both brands and people talking to bots on Messenger (2017-07-02) www.businessinsider.com
Facebook Messenger launches Discover as it takes on chatbots (again) (2017-06-28) techcrunch.com
Facebook's new attempt to get both brands and people talking to bots on Messenger (2017-06-28) www.businessinsider.com
Introducing the HashiBot GitHub Bot (2017-06-27) www.hashicorp.com
In Kansas City, residents have a new friend on Facebook: an open data chatbot (2017-06-27) sunlightfoundation.com
Swagger, the API Economy, REST, Linked Data, and a Semantic Web (2017-06-24) medium.com
Yes, for AI, it really is all about the data (2017-06-23) venturebeat.com
10 Things I Hate About Your API — Amanda Folson (2017-06-22) medium.com
LA Times accidentally reports 6.8 earthquake in Santa Barbara that happened in 1925 (2017-06-22) boingboing.net
The Microservice Design Canvas (2017-06-22) www.apiacademy.co
Developing RESTful APIs with Kotlin (2017-06-22) medium.com
How chatbots are pumping up customer service (2017-06-22) thenextweb.com
Ticketmaster’s chatbot for Facebook is actually not terrible (2017-06-21) techcrunch.com
How Facebook Messenger bots are driving social change around the world (2017-06-21) mashable.com
Pro (2017-06-20) www.washingtonpost.com
Introducing the Chunked Upload API (2017-06-20) medium.com
Twitter bots get enterprising, courtesy of Sprout Social (2017-06-20) techcrunch.com
4 Mantras for Designing Scalable APIs (2017-06-20) nordicapis.com
JavaScript & SEO: Making Your Bot Experience As Good As Your User Experience (2017-06-19) moz.com
Twitter API: Cursoring (2017-06-19) medium.com
Invisible Invaders: Why Detecting Bot Attacks Is Becoming More Difficult (2017-06-19) www.darkreading.com
At AI bot startups, cool kids rule (2017-06-17) techcrunch.com
Congrats to Katy Perry on hitting 100 million Twitter followers — most of which are bots (2017-06-16) mashable.com
This wriggling worm (2017-06-16) www.theverge.com
RESTful Services (2017-06-16) developers.redhat.com
Best Practices for API Error Handling (2017-06-15) nordicapis.com
Facebook made a bot that can lie for better bargains (2017-06-14) www.engadget.com
API design fundamentals: usage driven design (2017-06-14) medium.com
Twitter chatbots can now include buttons that push you to tweet, follow, click & more (2017-06-13) techcrunch.com
Scenarios v3.3 Update (2017-06-12) medium.com
Welcome to the era of the 'bot' as political boogeyman (2017-06-12) www.washingtonpost.com
REST API for Dummies: The Store Metaphor (2017-06-12) medium.com
RESTful Services (2017-06-11) medium.com
The Definitive Guide for building REST APIs (2017-06-10) medium.com
Chatbots VS Humans: Who Will Win the War? (2017-06-09) thenextweb.com
Transclude Preference for the HTTP Prefer Header (2017-06-09) rawgit.com
Facebook now has a chatbot therapist to help reduce your anxieties (2017-06-08) www.washingtonpost.com
Move Over, Mirai: Persirai Now the Top IP Camera Botnet (2017-06-08) www.darkreading.com
This adorable chatbot wants to talk about your mental health (2017-06-08) mashable.com
IBM helps launch insurance chatbot (IBM) (2017-06-08) www.businessinsider.com
Hacking, bots and information wars in the Qatar spat (2017-06-07) www.washingtonpost.com
The Chatbot Therapist Will See You Now (2017-06-07) www.wired.com
Amazon API Gateway Enables Customization of Error Responses (2017-06-06) aws.amazon.com
This Bot Turns Trump Tweets Into Official POTUS Pronouncements (2017-06-06) www.wired.com
Three Principles of API First Design (2017-06-02) medium.com
HSBC is getting into 'robo (2017-06-01) www.businessinsider.com
REST API Design Tips from Experience (2017-05-30) medium.com
Service (2017-05-30) www.bmc.com
Bot (2017-05-30) www.darkreading.com
Slack Knowledge Management (2017-05-30) www.getguru.com
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If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.

API Bots Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a content delivery network or CDN and cloud services provider headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Akamai's content delivery network is one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15 and 30 percent of all web traffic. The company operates a network of servers around the world and rents capacity on these servers to customers who want their websites to work faster by distributing content from locations close to the user

Chartbeat (Slackbot)

Chartbeat helps you understand, measure, and monetize the time that audiences actively spend with your site’s online content. This integration will enable the slash command /chartbeat for your team: Learn what pages are trending on example.com with /chartbeat what are the top pages on example.com Understand where your visitors are coming from with /chartbeat how much traffic on example.com is from social sources. Now, you can know what’s holding your audience’s attention every moment of the day.

Locowise (Slackbot)

Social dashboards, campaign reporting and competitor insights. All brought together in one place and presented beautifully. Locowise gives brands and agencies actionable insights to improve their social marketing efforts.


Meet Ace{BOT}. The intelligent task manager on Slack. Your personal slackbot that let's you manage your todo's and daily actionitems - without ever leaving Slack. Ace is your daily task manager on Slack that will work with you to get tasks done.

Ask Nestor

Supercharge your team with Bot Powers in Seconds. Nestor has a large and growing library of bot powers from your favorite services. Want to integrate with a private API that belongs to your company? No problem, start coding your power in the Nestor Bot Development Environment with a very Simple Javascript API and deploy your bot power in seconds.


Baremetrics gives you zero-setup, one-click SaaS analytics for your Stripe account. No more wondering if you set up integration correctly with other analytics apps or trying to reimport old data to bring your analytics package up to speed.

Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a ridiculously simple hosting platform for your Slack bots. A hosting platform for Slack bots with turnkey build and deployments. Your Bot's source code is managed through Github and launched as a container, so whatever language you prefer is A-OK.

Bot Hunter

Every week bot hunter sends you few curated bots. Chat with the creator only if you want. Get more curated bots on demand.


Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Slack bot that answers the questions you get asked too often Let @brisbybot help!

Clubble.io for Slack

Clubble.io bridges the gap between your Slack team and your email-reliant clients or partners. This integration allows you to receive emails & attachments in your channels and—most importantly—to reply directly from Slack. Two different tools, one same conversation.


A very serious news service. Slack and Confetti make a great pair. Add to your channel and get updates there. Usually it’s news and mostly smart stuff. Sometimes it’s random but funny enough.


Automated social media handling using bots. Unlike existing messaging platforms, Converse is focussed around enabling end user to service conversations. These may be to a computer/bot, a human, or a combination of both.


DBOT monitors Slack conversations for URL, File and IP addresses and alerts users on malicious content before harm is done. DBOT was designed for Securing Slack Content for anybody using Slack and enabling easy access to advanced security information for security professionals using Slack.


Introducing geekbot, the first ever slackbot assistant that helps you set up real asynchronous stand up meetings inside slack.


Share, celebrate, and save team accomplishments in Slack!  Do you remember your top accomplishments last year? Growbot does. Growbot is the first Slackbot to help recognize and record your team's wins. We all want to know we're doing meaningful work. Growbot helps you track it.


Digital assistants are huge, complex pieces of software. Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started. Whether you're automating customer service; inbound sales; or just want your own, personal Jarvis, let Abot do the heavy lifting.


We built Kifi to be the best, most flexible, intuitive knowledge sharing tool for you and your teams. People use Kifi a hundred different ways we never thought of. All the stories our users have told us come down to the following six ways they start using Kifi to save time and be more productive.


The Slack Bot to Keep Your Team Happy. The most powerful way to measure and improve employee satisfaction, without ever leaving Slack.


Connecting the World’s Calendars. Our flexible time scheduling engine matches everyone’s calendars in seconds. Pinpoint the best times to meet, schedule a service, reserve a hotel or book a flight.


Hands-free team tracking for Slack.  Let Nikabot track down your team and bring you reports, you don't have to do a thing. See what your whole team has been working on, all in one neatly organized place. Detailed views for project managers and billing, a clear view of how things are going.


Get notified on Slack or HipChat, when your company is mentioned on the web.


Pandorabots is a web service for building and deploying chatbots. The Pandorabots Playground is a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots loaded with features and tools. Learn the basics of chatbot development in minutes, or hone your skills with our Tutorial.


  Project Management through Slack. Turn your Slack Conversations into project tickets.  Our custom slash command lets you use the power of Sprintly right from within Slack. Create new tickets or update, delete and search existing ones. Just type /partyline to get started.  


Stream actionable user activity from your app to Slack. Relay lets you easily pick events from your app and stream them to Slack.


Revealytics helps you understand what ​is going on with ​your marketing, product and revenue metrics by connecting user acquisition and revenue data. It builds the financial model of SaaS business from acquisition to churn, calculate marketing ROI and make first visit cohort analysis just by connecting Stripe API and adding a couple lines of code. 


When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the whole team knows what's going on and who needs help. Publish daily one-sentence status in one click. Now your colleagues are aware of your load, successes and roadblocks. Say goodbye to old-school reporting.


Make your OOO more intelligent - let Roy answer your colleagues questions when you're not in the office. Enable your field ops with instant answers to their questions. 


Prevent Identity Theft with the Simplicity of a Link. Send credit card numbers, important files, private messages in seconds.


Schedule your messages to Slack. You can : Send messages to multiple teams and multiple channels. Notify Channel, Everyone or specific users. Auto-schedule messages so schedul.io defines the best time to reach a maximum of users. We upgrade the way you use Slack.


Sensay signals humans who can help Connect and chat instantly Oh, and it's totally anonymous! Sensay is betting that you care quite a bit about the opinion of a rando. The service lets users text a specific phone number with a question (like “what’s the best pizza in Brooklyn” or “where can I get a haircut in Santa Fe”), after which that user is instantly connected to a stranger who might have an answer.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll™ is the easiest way to create polls in Slack. It's quick, and more importantly it's native. Everything happens right within Slack. We do not store your poll data anywhere and you do not have to go to our website to see the results.


With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS.

Twitch Bot Directory

twitchbots.info is a service that tries to collect all moderator and other serivce bots used in chats on Twitch. It is ran independently and developed as a hobby project.


Workbot, the first chat bot on the market that enables employees to access and command applications from within chat. When it comes to interactions with business apps, Workbot shifts Slack from a listening and communication platform to a doing platform as it takes commands and executes actions–it even understands the chat context and makes recommendations. 


Analytics for your bot. Track the messages your bot sends and the conversations your bot has.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gupshup is the leading smart messaging platform that handles over 4 billion messages per month and over 150 billion cumulative. It offers APIs for developers to build interactive, programmable, omni-channel messaging bots and services as well as SDKs to enable in-app and in-web messaging. Unlike plain-text messages, Gupshup’s innovative smart-messages contain structured data and intelligence, thus enabling advanced messaging workflows and automation. Gupshup smart messaging platform is also highly scalable, available and reliable with intelligent message routing capabilities trusted by developers in more than 30,000 businesses. In this “smart messaging” era Gupshup is leading the way for developers by offering the tools necessary to build high scale and highly innovative messaging platforms and bots.


Meya is the easiest way to build & host amazing bots. Turnkey scaleable cloud hosting for your bots. You focus on the design and experience, and we'll take care of the rest. One-click to connect to all the popular messaging apps. Build one bot and deploy to Twitter, Slack, Kik, Telegram, SMS, and more. Creating an awesome bot requires language processing and conversational UX. We provide a framework that makes it easy. Your bots can access their key/value datastore. Store or retrieve information per request, per user, or globally.

EmojiBot (Slackbot)

EmojiBot helps you find the best emoji to express any word or phrase!Send a word or phrase to him in a direct message or in a room, and he'll reply with a list of emoji, including their codes.You can also teach EmojiBot new words. For example, you can tell him:plur means peace love understanding respect.

AppFollow (Slackbot)

Track app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store: Reviews Ranks Keywords (search results positions) Updates     You can track any app in the appstores, compare and learn your customers needs & wishes. Reply to Google Play reviews, get translations, monitor marketing and ASO results. Our bot @appfollowbot can help you stay updated on what is trending, top-charts & keywords suggestions for App Store and Google Play. AppFollow helps iOS, Android and Windows developers stay updated. All important information for each team member in one place.

current (Slackbot)

Current allows you to pay your friends and colleagues on Slack, current.com, or the iPhone App. You can pay anyone, even if they don’t have a Current account. For example: /current pay @trevor 5 Connect any of your bank accounts to Current. Current is secure, fast, free – and works seamlessly in Slack. Paying someone is now as easy as sending a message to a teammate.

Humblebot (Slackbot)

Humblebot gives you advice every morning on how to be a better human being. Examples of advice includes, Send someone a thank you note today and Ask someone for their opinion today. By following Humblebot's advice, you'll start to see results in as little as a week.

Market (Slackbot)

Provides quotes from Yahoo Finance for every mention of a stock ticker. You can say AAPL or $AAPL and get a quote for APPL from Yahoo Finance. The bot, however, doesn't provide any financial advice and all investments carry a significant risk.

Revealytics (Slackbot)

Get the key SaaS metrics based on Stripe data right in your Slack channel. Set up daily, weekly and monthly reports with your progress overview. type overview to  get access to MRR, CLTV, Churn Rate, Total Customers, ARPA, Net Revenue, Refunds, Transaction Fees type mrr to learn about your MRR and get New, Expansion, Reactivation, Contraction , Churn MRR and Net New MRR type customers to get your New, Upgraded, Downgraded, Reactivated, Lost and Total customers

Sway Finance (Slackbot)

Sway integrates with your company's banks and Stripe accounts and reports your company's revenues, expenses, and bank balances on-demand. Curious about a certain time period? Give Sway a date range and it will pull up your company's finances, no bank statement needed. Sway also supports user permissions. By giving specific access only to the users that added the bot, Sway offers you its powerful functionality while still leaving you in control.

Your.MD (Slackbot)

Get FREE, AI powered, personalised health info - written by UK doctors. Just ask @your.md, your team’s own private doctor! RELIABLE MEDICAL INFO: Stop relying on search engines. @your.md has 100’s of easy to understand medical articles, all clinically assured by the UK’s National Health Service ADVANCED SYMPTOM CHECKER: @your.md uses Artificial Intelligence to ask questions and suggest what may be wrong FREE and SCALABLE: @your.md is available to your whole team, globally, 24/7


Chatfuel helps easily create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers. Powering a new kind of conversation. No programming required. Create chatbots easily — no coding required. Reliable, free hosting provides a secure experience for your users. And we’ll make sure your code is always up-to-date, automatically. Engage and retain users. Send news, collect feedback, receive and answer questions and share content libraries — from GIFs to full business docs. Just plug in your data streams. Chatfuel has hundreds of integrations available — YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Botwiki is a catalog of friendly, useful, artistic online bots, and tools and tutorials that can help you make them.


Wealthbot.io is an open source wealth management platform that reduces the cost barriers for Investment Advisors (RIAs) associated with serving the mass affluent. The technology for your investment advisor business. Wealthbot is a portfolio management platform that's extensible, customizable and 100% owned by you.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is about freedom and openness – our code is open for everyone, as is our API. Today we’re making another step towards openness by launching a Bot API and platform for third-party developers to create bots. Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they'll often have AI features. They can do anything – teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

AddThis Share (Slackbot)

Share content you’re engaging with to any of your public Slack channels. Using the AddThis Share Slack integration through the AddThis Share buttons allows you to easily distribute content that you’ve engaged with. Shared content will include “Shared via AddThis”. You can edit a post once it’s been shared to Slack as you would any other normal post.

appear.in (Slackbot)

appear.in provides one-click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. This integration lets your team use the /appear slash command to start a video conference in your channel, making it easy for others to join the call.

Blue Jeans (Slackbot)

Blue Jeans makes video conferencing and content sharing easy via mobile, desktop, and conference room systems. This integration allows you to launch Blue Jeans meetings from any Slack channel, private group, or direct message using the /bluejeans slash command.

Champ (Slackbot)

Champ delivers real-time alerts about Salesforce deals to Slack. Whenever an opportunity is won, Champ posts to Slack with the deal name, Opportunity owner, sales cycle, and value. Celebrate your sales wins as a team with all the GIFs and emoji under the sun!

Dictionary (Slackbot)

Allows users to type /dictionary <word> or /thesaurus <word> to get the dictionary or thesaurus results for <word>, respectively.

Email (Slackbot)

This integration gives you a special email address that you can use to subscribe to important notifications from any service. Emails sent to this address will show up in your channel of choice. This integration is available to teams on the Slack Standard Plan and above. Example uses include:  Send results from a contact form on your website into your company’s #support channels instantly. Subscribe a channel to a mailing list. Alerts of all kinds (server down, weather events, traffic closures, domain name renewals) can be pointed at your company’s #general channel for all to see and act upon. Each integration has its own email address and a customizable name and icon, and you can create as many of them as you like. Please note that the following limits apply to emails sent to this integration: The combined headers and body of an email cannot be larger than 512 KB. When combined with attachments, an email cannot be larger than 25 MB. There is a maximum of 20 attachments per email.

Google+ Hangouts (Slackbot)

Google Hangouts lets you communicate with your team via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. This integration allows you to easily start a Hangout with the members of a channel. To start a Hangout, enter /hangout in any channel. You will be given a link from which you can start the Hangout with a handy Slack control panel on the right-hand side. From that panel, you can invite other Slack team members to the Hangout.

GoToMeeting Free (Slackbot)

GoToMeeting Free offers simple, HD video conferencing in your browser for up to three people on your team. This integration lets your team use the /gotomeeting slash command to easily start and share a link to a GoToMeeting Free video conference.


Adds HAAARTLAND notifications and news  to your Slack team putting you on-top of everything that happens in your HAAARTLAND. Team members can easily discuss HAAARTLAND content seamlessly in Slack and within HAAARTLAND. Slack commands lets you push content  from Slack to HAAARTLAND.

MailChimp (Slackbot)

MailChimp is an online email marketing service for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results of your team's email campaigns. This integration will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and see the sent status of a campaign. After authenticating your MailChimp account, you'll be able to pick and choose which lists and notifications to monitor.

MonkeyWorks (Slackbot)

When you’re managing marketing accounts, there is some information you just can’t afford to miss. Hook up your accounts to the monitor and we’ll make sure you and your team are notified about the important stuff.

Pinnatta (Slackbot)

Pinnatta is the world's first interactive messenger.  It's a new and fun way to send interactive cards, personalised video and animated messages to your friends and family.This integration allows your team to send interactive Pinnatta cards to your channels and teammates for every occasion: say hello, wish Happy Birthday, congratulate them or simply send them a goodmorning/goodnight message in a unique way!

RightGIF (Slackbot)

Whilst it’s fun to get bizarre and occasionally inappropriate GIFs throughout your conversations, we think there’s a better way. RightGIF isn’t about random animated GIFs, it’s about getting the Right GIF for your conversation. Whether you’re ready to Ship It, Shut It Down or High Five, RightGIF delivers the GIF you want, without all the random nonsense.

Room (Slackbot)

Room offers stress-free video calls and screen sharing, right within your browser. This integration lets your team use the /room slash command to quickly share a link to a Room video call.

RSS (Slackbot)

The RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack. Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted to the specified channel. Feeds can also be managed from within Slack channels. Type /feed help to get started.

Screenhero (Slackbot)

Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing app with multiple mouse cursors and voice chat, letting your team work together like you're at the same desk. Code with others remotely, iterate on designs effortlessly, and get quick help from your teammates. This integration will connect with your Screenhero account and allows you to start a screen sharing session with a teammate by typing "/hero @username".

Spectrum 2 (Slackbot)

Spectrum 2 interconnects the Slack channels with another 3rd-party network accounts like for example Jabber. When configured, the 3rd-party network contact list is showed in your team in special Slack channel. Spectrum 2 can also interconnect 3rd-party network rooms with Slack channels. Currently we support following networks:- Jabber- IRC

TINT (Slackbot)

TINT is where your content and community come together to create beautiful stories displayed anywhere for maximum engagement. That’s why we integrated TINT with Slack so you and your team can now easily display any messages from your #news, #announcements, #winnings, #employee-generated-content Slack channels directly onto your website, 'About Us' page, office TV screens, and employee computer screen savers in minutes. The amazing content your team shares on Slack channels can be seen and celebrated beyond your Slack app!

typr.club (Slackbot)

typr.club is an app that allows you to communicate via short videos with your friends, colleagues, and the world in general in real-time. Through this integration, you can connect a typr room to a Slack team and easily share a typr messages (as gifs) in any of your Slack team's channels!

Videolink2.me (Slackbot)

Videolink2.me offers audio/video conferences with file and screen sharing directly in you web browser. No need to install additional plugins — just send conference link to other participants and they will join as soon as click the link. We use WebRTC as main communication technology which provides high security and data protection. Just use /videolink slash command to create conference room and share its link to your channel.

Zoom (Slackbot)

Zoom combines cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. This integration lets your team use the /zoom slash command to start a meeting right from a Slack channel.

/seen (Slackbot)

Slack command to see what your team mates have been up to on the Internet by finding their most recent social media post or checkin. Users attach their social media accounts to their Seenbot account, for example Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare. This allows other people in the team to get an idea of your whereabouts by typing /seen [username].

Alerts by MarketSpace (Slackbot)

Complete monitoring of the companies and products you care about. MarketSpace delivers important news, app updates, social posts, videos and more right into your Slack feed. Teams use MarketSpace to stay on top of their competition, sales prospects, partners and portfolios. For a limited time, early adopters get the first 10 companies, free!

arc (Slackbot)

Arc helps teams stay on top of Google Analytics. Let's face it, most people don't want to analyze graphs and tables. Arc explains your analytics with short, easy to read messages that everyone understands. This keeps your team informed and enables everyone to make better customer decisions.

Bigbux (Slackbot)

Bigbux is a bot that will quickly pay contractors and freelancers via Stripe. Pay Somebody/pay @someuser $400 for design updates/pay barn@megalodongroup.com $150Are you sure you want to give away $400 of our hard earned moneys to @someuser for design updates???/confirm (confirms payment and sends you an email with payment details) Update Payment Method/payment_method Refund Last Transaction/refund


Birdly tackles the trivia of expense reports and helps professionals focus on what matters most. Birdly is the first Slack bot that makes the expense reporting experience completely seamless. We extract information from receipts and use data intelligence to determine the relevant client, project, or travel context of the expense.

Bitmoji (Slackbot)

Add this app to your Slack to enable the /bitmoji command for your team. - Every team member can design their own unique avatar- Choose from hundreds of tags that let you say just about anything- Type “/bitmoji hi” to share a Hello bitmoji in your channel If you already have Bitmoji on your phone, just log into Bitmoji for Slack to access your existing avatar.

CatFacts (Slackbot)

CatFacts is the world leader in sending true facts about cats to your team's Slack. Random facts are sent intermittently, but you can also summon an interesting random fact with the handy /catfact slash command!

Centrify (Slackbot)

Secure enterprise access with single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Manage Slack and 2000+ apps via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

ChangeTip (Slackbot)

Create a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Easily send and receive gifts and rewards for extra special congratulatory messages, to say thanks for the coffee, or reward extraordinary achievements. Send animated gifs and customized messages that represent an amount. Simply login with Slack to start receiving money or load your ChangeTip pocket with USD or BTC to start sending with /changetip commands.

ClosingBell (Slackbot)

Each morning, get the week's best and worst rated stocks — as rated by Wall Street research firms and the ClosingBell community of thousands of independent analysts, traders and investors. At the end of the day, we'll post a recap of the most rated stocks. You may also request the price, rating and price target for any U.S. stock or ETF on-demand with /cb [SYMBOL]. Happy trading.

Content Tracker (Slackbot)

Content Tracker by Priceonomics is a dashboard for measuring content marketing performance. When you publish content, does it result in press mentions, traffic, conversion sharing, and conversions? The best part of Tracker is Slack notifications! We notify you in real time when you get an inbound link to your content, when new content is published, or when you blog content hits big milestones on social sharing and traffic. Here’s a cool bit. If we detect one of your articles is going viral, we send you a Slack notification so you can promote it and makes sure it takes off. Content Tracker was developed by Priceonomics. It’s the software we use to measure our content marketing performance.  With this Slack integration, you get all your content marketing analytics sent to you directly in Slack, right when you need them. Content Tracker is for content marketers, bloggers, and media companies that want to better measure how their content is performing.

Cricket Scores (Slackbot)

This app returns scores of the recent cricket matches running all over the world . Follow the steps below to find the cricket scores. 1. Type /cricket in any channel of your choice.2. Hit Enter to get the scores of running cricket matches. 3. Cricket scores are visible in the format below T20Asia Cup, 2016BAN vs SLBan won by 23 runs For more information. Visit this URL: https://slack-cricket-app.herokuapp.com/

Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap (Slackbot)

Access the current price of any crypto currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Monero, Dogecoin and more! While connected to slack, simply typing /coincap will return the price of Bitcoin and change from last price. Using /coincap ETH will return the price of Ethereum and its change from last price.

Dribbble (Slackbot)

Use /dribbble to easily pull Dribbble shots into your Slack channels. Enter a search term, a color, or we can just surprise you with a popular shot.

FaceMatch (Slackbot)

Starting a new job? Need to learn your co-workers names? Finally there is an amazing app that will help you learn the faces and names of the people in your office using a quick and easy Slack integration! Login through Slack and the app will automatically pull the data necessary to learn people's faces and names in a fun and easy way.
 The app gives you 1 minute to correctly name as many co-workers as you can using pictures and a multiple choice (or guess) option. Check the leader board to see how you stack up against your co-workers! Just download and start flipping through the familiar faces in your office. Warning: it's fun and very addictive! App Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/app/facematch-know-your-colleagues/id1051827336?mt=8 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strv.facematch

Fit (Slackbot)

Compete in step challenges every day with your coworkers with /fit. /fit creates a leaderboard in Slack of all participating users ranked according to step count. Individual Slack users connect their chosen activity tracker and then type “/fit” into Slack when they want to see the leaderboard.

Fridgg (Slackbot)

Fridgg lets you search through tens of thousands of beautiful food photos, to inspire you (or make your teammates so hungry they're inspired to end that meeting early!)Use the /fridgg command for a random photo of something delicious, or follow the /fridgg command with a type of food (such as /fridgg sushi) if you're in the mood for something specific!

Gif Keyboard (Slackbot)

Share your true feelings with animated GIFs! ☞ Choose and share the perfect GIF ☁︎  Search millions of GIFs   ✎   Add CAPTIONS to your GIFs Full List of Features:✧ Search millions of GIFs for the perfect moment. Just type: /gif happybirthday✧ Create custom GIFs with /gif “YOUR CAPTION HERE”✧ Choose which GIF you want to send with /gifs✧ Add personal GIFs of your company and coworkers✧  Search by your favorite emoji!✧ Power User Commands for hard-core giffers ------------------------------------------------ Recent Press on Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard: Riffsy’s David McIntosh On Why GIFs Are A Languagehttp://techcrunch.com/2016/01/28/riffsys-david-mcintosh-on-why-gifs-are-a-language/ For Mobile Messaging, GIFs Prove to Be Worth at Least a Thousand Wordshttp://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/04/technology/gifs-go-beyond-emoji-to-express-thoughts-without-words.html?r=gify Powers the The GIF button, which began appearing last week to some of Messenger’s 700 million monthly active users …http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/05/facebook-really-wants-you-to-use-gifs-inside-messenger?s=giphy+riffsy Powering /gif in Dropbox Paper, ... part Google Drive and part Slackhttp://www.cultofmac.com/392376/dropbox-paper-wants-to-shred-slack-and-google-docs/ Twitter: @gifkeyboard


GIFMAGAZINE is an uploading, sharing and searching website of animated gifs. Especially, we have specialized in Japanese. This integration will enable the /gifmagazine slash command for your team. Example: typing /gifmagazine funny will display a funny GIF in your channel.

Giphy (Slackbot)

Giphy lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on the web. This integration will enable the /giphy slash command for your team. Example: typing "/giphy cats" will display a cat GIF in your channel.

Glance (Slackbot)

Get updates on your favorite metrics in Slack.  Zendesk, Instagram, Alexa, MailChimp, Yahoo Finance, CrunchBase, Currency Layer, Google Analytics, Facebook,  & Twitter currently supported.

Imoji (Slackbot)

Integrate Imoji stickers into your Slack conversations! Simply type /imoji followed by a search term or complete sentence to get a random sticker! Examples:/imoji happy/imoji can't wait for friday!

Indie Coffee (Slackbot)

With a simple command, get a cool coffee shop to work from. Start by typing /coffee followed by the city you want to get a recommendation from. For example: /coffee montreal!

InVision App (Slackbot)

There are two ways you can integrate Slack and InVision: Pushing prototype activity like status changes or new comments to a channel Sharing individual screens with a channel Pushing activity from your InVision prototypes to Slack allows everyone on your team to be aware of new comments, resolved conversations, etc. This ensures everyone on your team is on the same page and provides increased visibility into InVision activity within Slack itself. Automatically push the following events to Slack: Comments made on a prototype Conversations marked as resolved Screen status changed Collaborator added to a prototype Screen added or updated on a prototype Share link viewed

LitBot (Slackbot)

LitBot allows you to read classic literature in short segments. Just request a title and LitBot will send you the next bit of text.

Meme Bot (Slackbot)

Tired of copy pasting memes from google search? we got you covered.use this meme bot with the /meme-list and /meme commands to generate instant memes from slack. BE A MEME HERO!

Movie Night (Slackbot)

Movie Night lets you obtain a complete list of movies showing at the box office (as well as upcoming releases and most popular movies). A brief description, movie poster thumbnail, link to get more info, and user ratings are provided.

MovieSom (Slackbot)

The MovieSom integration allows users to fetch movie information like title, imdb rating, duration, release date and movie poster by typing the corresponding command followed by the movie title or partial movie title. /msom moon Extra options can be passed between {} brackets I.e.: /msom hobbit {year=2012&limit=1} Supported options are:- year: year the movie is released in- limit: limit the result set

OneLogin (Slackbot)

Easily connect Active Directory to Slack. OneLogin's secure single sign-on integration with Slack saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.


Ottspott makes communication between your team and your clients easier. You don't need to own a phone set to have a local number anymore. With a simple Slack integration, Ottspott lets you make and receive calls through your browser. It's even better with a team - you can forward your calls to other members in your team and let them deal with it.

Papertrail (Slackbot)

Papertrail shows you important system and application log messages the moment they happen. They offer an intuitive Web-based log viewer, alerts, charts and analytics exports, long-term archives, and other time-saving log tools. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when Papertrail triggers an alert.

Poncho The Weathercat (Slackbot)

The Poncho Slack app is an awesome way to get personalized weather forecasts. Once installed anyone in your Slack team simply types /Poncho followed by their zipcode and BINGO the coolest of weather forecasts comes back complete with a great gif. It’s a really fun way to check up on the weather direct from Slack. We will be launching new features soon including advice on what shoes to wear and if you are in New York what’s happening with your subway line. We hope you enjoy using Poncho.

quotbook (Slackbot)

Search popular quotations by famous people or keywords from within Slack. Try /quot leadership, try /quot success, try /quot paul graham and more. Have fun sharing this wisdom of ages.

Rukkus (Slackbot)

Rukkus is the premier way to find and buy tickets to your favorite Concerts, Sports, and Theater events! By searching and analyzing tickets from over 1,000 ticket vendors, we find you the best tickets for the cheapest prices. The Rukkus App for Slack makes accessing this complete catalog of events faster and more convenient than ever with simple slash commands. Search by location and/or performer name to find tickets to your favorite artist or sports teams' upcoming, nearby events with just a few keystrokes. Here's some example usages to get you started: /rukkus events near new york city /rukkus adele events /rukkus adele events near new york city

RUWTbot (Slackbot)

Can a robot tell if a game is exciting? I think so. To get started, just type /ruwtbot hello. I watch sports all day for areyouwatchingthis.com, searching for a pitcher with a no-hitter through 7, a game going into overtime, or a ranked team about to be upset. I'll even send you an email or text message if there is an instant classic in the making that you can catch on your TV machine. Give it a try:- /ruwtbot When do the Warriors play next?- /ruwtbot Who won in the NHL last night?- /ruwtbot What's the Cowboys' record?- /ruwtbot NFL News- /ruwtbot Yankees Social- /ruwtbot TV ESPN2

Sellf CRM (Slackbot)

Sellf CRM helps you manage prospects, customers and deals, organize your time and collaborate with your team.Sellf motivates your team to achieve sales goals and helps you tracking selling activities like a breeze.Remember the last phone call, customer visit, meeting, task and email to each and everyone of your customer! This integration will post notifications when a deal is won, posting the deal name, the owner, and its value.- You can simply click on the deal name to see more details about the deal closed- You can celebrate your team’s sales wins with all the GIFs and emoji you need- You can post won deals notifications to different channels when your sales team is divided into areas

Sir Gifs a Lot (Slackbot)

If you've ever been in situation where words and emojis just don't seem to be enough to express the emotions you're feeling, Sir Gifs a Lot is here for you. To get started: 1. Type /gifalot into your slack channel2.  Click on the link Sir Gifs a Bot gives you3. Allow access to your webcam4. Be silly5. Click Use It to send your newly created gif to your slack channel Gif away, my friends!

Son.gg (Slackbot)

Son.gg breaks through this simple barrier of music sharing, by providing a single link you can share with your team no matter which streaming service they use. Share a link with peers and they’ll be able to listen to the track on Apple Music, Deezer, Mix Radio, Bandcamp and Spotify as they wish.