API Bots Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a content delivery network or CDN and cloud services provider headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Akamai's content delivery network is one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15 and 30 percent of all web traffic. The company operates a network of servers around the world and rents capacity on these servers to customers who want their websites to work faster by distributing content from locations close to the user

Chartbeat (Slackbot)

Chartbeat helps you understand, measure, and monetize the time that audiences actively spend with your site’s online content. This integration will enable the slash command /chartbeat for your team: Learn what pages are trending on example.com with /chartbeat what are the top pages on example.com Understand where your visitors are coming from with /chartbeat how much traffic on example.com is from social sources. Now, you can know what’s holding your audience’s attention every moment of the day.

Locowise (Slackbot)

Social dashboards, campaign reporting and competitor insights. All brought together in one place and presented beautifully. Locowise gives brands and agencies actionable insights to improve their social marketing efforts.


Meet Ace{BOT}. The intelligent task manager on Slack. Your personal slackbot that let's you manage your todo's and daily actionitems - without ever leaving Slack. Ace is your daily task manager on Slack that will work with you to get tasks done.

Ask Nestor

Supercharge your team with Bot Powers in Seconds. Nestor has a large and growing library of bot powers from your favorite services. Want to integrate with a private API that belongs to your company? No problem, start coding your power in the Nestor Bot Development Environment with a very Simple Javascript API and deploy your bot power in seconds.


Baremetrics gives you zero-setup, one-click SaaS analytics for your Stripe account. No more wondering if you set up integration correctly with other analytics apps or trying to reimport old data to bring your analytics package up to speed.

Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a ridiculously simple hosting platform for your Slack bots. A hosting platform for Slack bots with turnkey build and deployments. Your Bot's source code is managed through Github and launched as a container, so whatever language you prefer is A-OK.

Bot Hunter

Every week bot hunter sends you few curated bots. Chat with the creator only if you want. Get more curated bots on demand.


Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Slack bot that answers the questions you get asked too often Let @brisbybot help!

Clubble.io for Slack

Clubble.io bridges the gap between your Slack team and your email-reliant clients or partners. This integration allows you to receive emails & attachments in your channels and—most importantly—to reply directly from Slack. Two different tools, one same conversation.


A very serious news service. Slack and Confetti make a great pair. Add to your channel and get updates there. Usually it’s news and mostly smart stuff. Sometimes it’s random but funny enough.


Automated social media handling using bots. Unlike existing messaging platforms, Converse is focussed around enabling end user to service conversations. These may be to a computer/bot, a human, or a combination of both.


DBOT monitors Slack conversations for URL, File and IP addresses and alerts users on malicious content before harm is done. DBOT was designed for Securing Slack Content for anybody using Slack and enabling easy access to advanced security information for security professionals using Slack.


Introducing geekbot, the first ever slackbot assistant that helps you set up real asynchronous stand up meetings inside slack.


Share, celebrate, and save team accomplishments in Slack!  Do you remember your top accomplishments last year? Growbot does. Growbot is the first Slackbot to help recognize and record your team's wins. We all want to know we're doing meaningful work. Growbot helps you track it.


Digital assistants are huge, complex pieces of software. Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started. Whether you're automating customer service; inbound sales; or just want your own, personal Jarvis, let Abot do the heavy lifting.


We built Kifi to be the best, most flexible, intuitive knowledge sharing tool for you and your teams. People use Kifi a hundred different ways we never thought of. All the stories our users have told us come down to the following six ways they start using Kifi to save time and be more productive.


The Slack Bot to Keep Your Team Happy. The most powerful way to measure and improve employee satisfaction, without ever leaving Slack.


Connecting the World’s Calendars. Our flexible time scheduling engine matches everyone’s calendars in seconds. Pinpoint the best times to meet, schedule a service, reserve a hotel or book a flight.


Hands-free team tracking for Slack.  Let Nikabot track down your team and bring you reports, you don't have to do a thing. See what your whole team has been working on, all in one neatly organized place. Detailed views for project managers and billing, a clear view of how things are going.


Get notified on Slack or HipChat, when your company is mentioned on the web.


Pandorabots is a web service for building and deploying chatbots. The Pandorabots Playground is a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots loaded with features and tools. Learn the basics of chatbot development in minutes, or hone your skills with our Tutorial.


  Project Management through Slack. Turn your Slack Conversations into project tickets.  Our custom slash command lets you use the power of Sprintly right from within Slack. Create new tickets or update, delete and search existing ones. Just type /partyline to get started.  


Stream actionable user activity from your app to Slack. Relay lets you easily pick events from your app and stream them to Slack.


Revealytics helps you understand what ​is going on with ​your marketing, product and revenue metrics by connecting user acquisition and revenue data. It builds the financial model of SaaS business from acquisition to churn, calculate marketing ROI and make first visit cohort analysis just by connecting Stripe API and adding a couple lines of code. 


When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the whole team knows what's going on and who needs help. Publish daily one-sentence status in one click. Now your colleagues are aware of your load, successes and roadblocks. Say goodbye to old-school reporting.


Make your OOO more intelligent - let Roy answer your colleagues questions when you're not in the office. Enable your field ops with instant answers to their questions. 


Prevent Identity Theft with the Simplicity of a Link. Send credit card numbers, important files, private messages in seconds.


Schedule your messages to Slack. You can : Send messages to multiple teams and multiple channels. Notify Channel, Everyone or specific users. Auto-schedule messages so schedul.io defines the best time to reach a maximum of users. We upgrade the way you use Slack.


Sensay signals humans who can help Connect and chat instantly Oh, and it's totally anonymous! Sensay is betting that you care quite a bit about the opinion of a rando. The service lets users text a specific phone number with a question (like “what’s the best pizza in Brooklyn” or “where can I get a haircut in Santa Fe”), after which that user is instantly connected to a stranger who might have an answer.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll™ is the easiest way to create polls in Slack. It's quick, and more importantly it's native. Everything happens right within Slack. We do not store your poll data anywhere and you do not have to go to our website to see the results.


With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS.

Twitch Bot Directory

twitchbots.info is a service that tries to collect all moderator and other serivce bots used in chats on Twitch. It is ran independently and developed as a hobby project.


Workbot, the first chat bot on the market that enables employees to access and command applications from within chat. When it comes to interactions with business apps, Workbot shifts Slack from a listening and communication platform to a doing platform as it takes commands and executes actions–it even understands the chat context and makes recommendations. 


Analytics for your bot. Track the messages your bot sends and the conversations your bot has.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gupshup is the leading smart messaging platform that handles over 4 billion messages per month and over 150 billion cumulative. It offers APIs for developers to build interactive, programmable, omni-channel messaging bots and services as well as SDKs to enable in-app and in-web messaging. Unlike plain-text messages, Gupshup’s innovative smart-messages contain structured data and intelligence, thus enabling advanced messaging workflows and automation. Gupshup smart messaging platform is also highly scalable, available and reliable with intelligent message routing capabilities trusted by developers in more than 30,000 businesses. In this “smart messaging” era Gupshup is leading the way for developers by offering the tools necessary to build high scale and highly innovative messaging platforms and bots.


Meya is the easiest way to build & host amazing bots. Turnkey scaleable cloud hosting for your bots. You focus on the design and experience, and we'll take care of the rest. One-click to connect to all the popular messaging apps. Build one bot and deploy to Twitter, Slack, Kik, Telegram, SMS, and more. Creating an awesome bot requires language processing and conversational UX. We provide a framework that makes it easy. Your bots can access their key/value datastore. Store or retrieve information per request, per user, or globally.

EmojiBot (Slackbot)

EmojiBot helps you find the best emoji to express any word or phrase!Send a word or phrase to him in a direct message or in a room, and he'll reply with a list of emoji, including their codes.You can also teach EmojiBot new words. For example, you can tell him:plur means peace love understanding respect.

AppFollow (Slackbot)

Track app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store: Reviews Ranks Keywords (search results positions) Updates     You can track any app in the appstores, compare and learn your customers needs & wishes. Reply to Google Play reviews, get translations, monitor marketing and ASO results. Our bot @appfollowbot can help you stay updated on what is trending, top-charts & keywords suggestions for App Store and Google Play. AppFollow helps iOS, Android and Windows developers stay updated. All important information for each team member in one place.

current (Slackbot)

Current allows you to pay your friends and colleagues on Slack, current.com, or the iPhone App. You can pay anyone, even if they don’t have a Current account. For example: /current pay @trevor 5 Connect any of your bank accounts to Current. Current is secure, fast, free – and works seamlessly in Slack. Paying someone is now as easy as sending a message to a teammate.

Humblebot (Slackbot)

Humblebot gives you advice every morning on how to be a better human being. Examples of advice includes, Send someone a thank you note today and Ask someone for their opinion today. By following Humblebot's advice, you'll start to see results in as little as a week.

Market (Slackbot)

Provides quotes from Yahoo Finance for every mention of a stock ticker. You can say AAPL or $AAPL and get a quote for APPL from Yahoo Finance. The bot, however, doesn't provide any financial advice and all investments carry a significant risk.

Revealytics (Slackbot)

Get the key SaaS metrics based on Stripe data right in your Slack channel. Set up daily, weekly and monthly reports with your progress overview. type overview to  get access to MRR, CLTV, Churn Rate, Total Customers, ARPA, Net Revenue, Refunds, Transaction Fees type mrr to learn about your MRR and get New, Expansion, Reactivation, Contraction , Churn MRR and Net New MRR type customers to get your New, Upgraded, Downgraded, Reactivated, Lost and Total customers

Sway Finance (Slackbot)

Sway integrates with your company's banks and Stripe accounts and reports your company's revenues, expenses, and bank balances on-demand. Curious about a certain time period? Give Sway a date range and it will pull up your company's finances, no bank statement needed. Sway also supports user permissions. By giving specific access only to the users that added the bot, Sway offers you its powerful functionality while still leaving you in control.

Your.MD (Slackbot)

Get FREE, AI powered, personalised health info - written by UK doctors. Just ask @your.md, your team’s own private doctor! RELIABLE MEDICAL INFO: Stop relying on search engines. @your.md has 100’s of easy to understand medical articles, all clinically assured by the UK’s National Health Service ADVANCED SYMPTOM CHECKER: @your.md uses Artificial Intelligence to ask questions and suggest what may be wrong FREE and SCALABLE: @your.md is available to your whole team, globally, 24/7


Chatfuel helps easily create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers. Powering a new kind of conversation. No programming required. Create chatbots easily — no coding required. Reliable, free hosting provides a secure experience for your users. And we’ll make sure your code is always up-to-date, automatically. Engage and retain users. Send news, collect feedback, receive and answer questions and share content libraries — from GIFs to full business docs. Just plug in your data streams. Chatfuel has hundreds of integrations available — YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Botwiki is a catalog of friendly, useful, artistic online bots, and tools and tutorials that can help you make them.


Wealthbot.io is an open source wealth management platform that reduces the cost barriers for Investment Advisors (RIAs) associated with serving the mass affluent. The technology for your investment advisor business. Wealthbot is a portfolio management platform that's extensible, customizable and 100% owned by you.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is about freedom and openness – our code is open for everyone, as is our API. Today we’re making another step towards openness by launching a Bot API and platform for third-party developers to create bots. Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they'll often have AI features. They can do anything – teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

AddThis Share (Slackbot)

Share content you’re engaging with to any of your public Slack channels. Using the AddThis Share Slack integration through the AddThis Share buttons allows you to easily distribute content that you’ve engaged with. Shared content will include “Shared via AddThis”. You can edit a post once it’s been shared to Slack as you would any other normal post.

appear.in (Slackbot)

appear.in provides one-click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. This integration lets your team use the /appear slash command to start a video conference in your channel, making it easy for others to join the call.

Blue Jeans (Slackbot)

Blue Jeans makes video conferencing and content sharing easy via mobile, desktop, and conference room systems. This integration allows you to launch Blue Jeans meetings from any Slack channel, private group, or direct message using the /bluejeans slash command.

Champ (Slackbot)

Champ delivers real-time alerts about Salesforce deals to Slack. Whenever an opportunity is won, Champ posts to Slack with the deal name, Opportunity owner, sales cycle, and value. Celebrate your sales wins as a team with all the GIFs and emoji under the sun!

Dictionary (Slackbot)

Allows users to type /dictionary <word> or /thesaurus <word> to get the dictionary or thesaurus results for <word>, respectively.

Email (Slackbot)

This integration gives you a special email address that you can use to subscribe to important notifications from any service. Emails sent to this address will show up in your channel of choice. This integration is available to teams on the Slack Standard Plan and above. Example uses include:  Send results from a contact form on your website into your company’s #support channels instantly. Subscribe a channel to a mailing list. Alerts of all kinds (server down, weather events, traffic closures, domain name renewals) can be pointed at your company’s #general channel for all to see and act upon. Each integration has its own email address and a customizable name and icon, and you can create as many of them as you like. Please note that the following limits apply to emails sent to this integration: The combined headers and body of an email cannot be larger than 512 KB. When combined with attachments, an email cannot be larger than 25 MB. There is a maximum of 20 attachments per email.

Google+ Hangouts (Slackbot)

Google Hangouts lets you communicate with your team via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. This integration allows you to easily start a Hangout with the members of a channel. To start a Hangout, enter /hangout in any channel. You will be given a link from which you can start the Hangout with a handy Slack control panel on the right-hand side. From that panel, you can invite other Slack team members to the Hangout.

GoToMeeting Free (Slackbot)

GoToMeeting Free offers simple, HD video conferencing in your browser for up to three people on your team. This integration lets your team use the /gotomeeting slash command to easily start and share a link to a GoToMeeting Free video conference.


Adds HAAARTLAND notifications and news  to your Slack team putting you on-top of everything that happens in your HAAARTLAND. Team members can easily discuss HAAARTLAND content seamlessly in Slack and within HAAARTLAND. Slack commands lets you push content  from Slack to HAAARTLAND.

MailChimp (Slackbot)

MailChimp is an online email marketing service for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results of your team's email campaigns. This integration will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and see the sent status of a campaign. After authenticating your MailChimp account, you'll be able to pick and choose which lists and notifications to monitor.

MonkeyWorks (Slackbot)

When you’re managing marketing accounts, there is some information you just can’t afford to miss. Hook up your accounts to the monitor and we’ll make sure you and your team are notified about the important stuff.

Pinnatta (Slackbot)

Pinnatta is the world's first interactive messenger.  It's a new and fun way to send interactive cards, personalised video and animated messages to your friends and family.This integration allows your team to send interactive Pinnatta cards to your channels and teammates for every occasion: say hello, wish Happy Birthday, congratulate them or simply send them a goodmorning/goodnight message in a unique way!

RightGIF (Slackbot)

Whilst it’s fun to get bizarre and occasionally inappropriate GIFs throughout your conversations, we think there’s a better way. RightGIF isn’t about random animated GIFs, it’s about getting the Right GIF for your conversation. Whether you’re ready to Ship It, Shut It Down or High Five, RightGIF delivers the GIF you want, without all the random nonsense.

Room (Slackbot)

Room offers stress-free video calls and screen sharing, right within your browser. This integration lets your team use the /room slash command to quickly share a link to a Room video call.

RSS (Slackbot)

The RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack. Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted to the specified channel. Feeds can also be managed from within Slack channels. Type /feed help to get started.

Screenhero (Slackbot)

Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing app with multiple mouse cursors and voice chat, letting your team work together like you're at the same desk. Code with others remotely, iterate on designs effortlessly, and get quick help from your teammates. This integration will connect with your Screenhero account and allows you to start a screen sharing session with a teammate by typing "/hero @username".

Spectrum 2 (Slackbot)

Spectrum 2 interconnects the Slack channels with another 3rd-party network accounts like for example Jabber. When configured, the 3rd-party network contact list is showed in your team in special Slack channel. Spectrum 2 can also interconnect 3rd-party network rooms with Slack channels. Currently we support following networks:- Jabber- IRC

TINT (Slackbot)

TINT is where your content and community come together to create beautiful stories displayed anywhere for maximum engagement. That’s why we integrated TINT with Slack so you and your team can now easily display any messages from your #news, #announcements, #winnings, #employee-generated-content Slack channels directly onto your website, 'About Us' page, office TV screens, and employee computer screen savers in minutes. The amazing content your team shares on Slack channels can be seen and celebrated beyond your Slack app!

typr.club (Slackbot)

typr.club is an app that allows you to communicate via short videos with your friends, colleagues, and the world in general in real-time. Through this integration, you can connect a typr room to a Slack team and easily share a typr messages (as gifs) in any of your Slack team's channels!

Videolink2.me (Slackbot)

Videolink2.me offers audio/video conferences with file and screen sharing directly in you web browser. No need to install additional plugins — just send conference link to other participants and they will join as soon as click the link. We use WebRTC as main communication technology which provides high security and data protection. Just use /videolink slash command to create conference room and share its link to your channel.

Zoom (Slackbot)

Zoom combines cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. This integration lets your team use the /zoom slash command to start a meeting right from a Slack channel.

/seen (Slackbot)

Slack command to see what your team mates have been up to on the Internet by finding their most recent social media post or checkin. Users attach their social media accounts to their Seenbot account, for example Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare. This allows other people in the team to get an idea of your whereabouts by typing /seen [username].

Alerts by MarketSpace (Slackbot)

Complete monitoring of the companies and products you care about. MarketSpace delivers important news, app updates, social posts, videos and more right into your Slack feed. Teams use MarketSpace to stay on top of their competition, sales prospects, partners and portfolios. For a limited time, early adopters get the first 10 companies, free!

arc (Slackbot)

Arc helps teams stay on top of Google Analytics. Let's face it, most people don't want to analyze graphs and tables. Arc explains your analytics with short, easy to read messages that everyone understands. This keeps your team informed and enables everyone to make better customer decisions.

Bigbux (Slackbot)

Bigbux is a bot that will quickly pay contractors and freelancers via Stripe. Pay Somebody/pay @someuser $400 for design updates/pay barn@megalodongroup.com $150Are you sure you want to give away $400 of our hard earned moneys to @someuser for design updates???/confirm (confirms payment and sends you an email with payment details) Update Payment Method/payment_method Refund Last Transaction/refund


Birdly tackles the trivia of expense reports and helps professionals focus on what matters most. Birdly is the first Slack bot that makes the expense reporting experience completely seamless. We extract information from receipts and use data intelligence to determine the relevant client, project, or travel context of the expense.

Bitmoji (Slackbot)

Add this app to your Slack to enable the /bitmoji command for your team. - Every team member can design their own unique avatar- Choose from hundreds of tags that let you say just about anything- Type “/bitmoji hi” to share a Hello bitmoji in your channel If you already have Bitmoji on your phone, just log into Bitmoji for Slack to access your existing avatar.

CatFacts (Slackbot)

CatFacts is the world leader in sending true facts about cats to your team's Slack. Random facts are sent intermittently, but you can also summon an interesting random fact with the handy /catfact slash command!

Centrify (Slackbot)

Secure enterprise access with single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Manage Slack and 2000+ apps via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

ChangeTip (Slackbot)

Create a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Easily send and receive gifts and rewards for extra special congratulatory messages, to say thanks for the coffee, or reward extraordinary achievements. Send animated gifs and customized messages that represent an amount. Simply login with Slack to start receiving money or load your ChangeTip pocket with USD or BTC to start sending with /changetip commands.

ClosingBell (Slackbot)

Each morning, get the week's best and worst rated stocks — as rated by Wall Street research firms and the ClosingBell community of thousands of independent analysts, traders and investors. At the end of the day, we'll post a recap of the most rated stocks. You may also request the price, rating and price target for any U.S. stock or ETF on-demand with /cb [SYMBOL]. Happy trading.

Content Tracker (Slackbot)

Content Tracker by Priceonomics is a dashboard for measuring content marketing performance. When you publish content, does it result in press mentions, traffic, conversion sharing, and conversions? The best part of Tracker is Slack notifications! We notify you in real time when you get an inbound link to your content, when new content is published, or when you blog content hits big milestones on social sharing and traffic. Here’s a cool bit. If we detect one of your articles is going viral, we send you a Slack notification so you can promote it and makes sure it takes off. Content Tracker was developed by Priceonomics. It’s the software we use to measure our content marketing performance.  With this Slack integration, you get all your content marketing analytics sent to you directly in Slack, right when you need them. Content Tracker is for content marketers, bloggers, and media companies that want to better measure how their content is performing.

Cricket Scores (Slackbot)

This app returns scores of the recent cricket matches running all over the world . Follow the steps below to find the cricket scores. 1. Type /cricket in any channel of your choice.2. Hit Enter to get the scores of running cricket matches. 3. Cricket scores are visible in the format below T20Asia Cup, 2016BAN vs SLBan won by 23 runs For more information. Visit this URL: https://slack-cricket-app.herokuapp.com/

Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap (Slackbot)

Access the current price of any crypto currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Monero, Dogecoin and more! While connected to slack, simply typing /coincap will return the price of Bitcoin and change from last price. Using /coincap ETH will return the price of Ethereum and its change from last price.

Dribbble (Slackbot)

Use /dribbble to easily pull Dribbble shots into your Slack channels. Enter a search term, a color, or we can just surprise you with a popular shot.

FaceMatch (Slackbot)

Starting a new job? Need to learn your co-workers names? Finally there is an amazing app that will help you learn the faces and names of the people in your office using a quick and easy Slack integration! Login through Slack and the app will automatically pull the data necessary to learn people's faces and names in a fun and easy way.
 The app gives you 1 minute to correctly name as many co-workers as you can using pictures and a multiple choice (or guess) option. Check the leader board to see how you stack up against your co-workers! Just download and start flipping through the familiar faces in your office. Warning: it's fun and very addictive! App Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/app/facematch-know-your-colleagues/id1051827336?mt=8 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strv.facematch

Fit (Slackbot)

Compete in step challenges every day with your coworkers with /fit. /fit creates a leaderboard in Slack of all participating users ranked according to step count. Individual Slack users connect their chosen activity tracker and then type “/fit” into Slack when they want to see the leaderboard.

Fridgg (Slackbot)

Fridgg lets you search through tens of thousands of beautiful food photos, to inspire you (or make your teammates so hungry they're inspired to end that meeting early!)Use the /fridgg command for a random photo of something delicious, or follow the /fridgg command with a type of food (such as /fridgg sushi) if you're in the mood for something specific!

Gif Keyboard (Slackbot)

Share your true feelings with animated GIFs! ☞ Choose and share the perfect GIF ☁︎  Search millions of GIFs   ✎   Add CAPTIONS to your GIFs Full List of Features:✧ Search millions of GIFs for the perfect moment. Just type: /gif happybirthday✧ Create custom GIFs with /gif “YOUR CAPTION HERE”✧ Choose which GIF you want to send with /gifs✧ Add personal GIFs of your company and coworkers✧  Search by your favorite emoji!✧ Power User Commands for hard-core giffers ------------------------------------------------ Recent Press on Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard: Riffsy’s David McIntosh On Why GIFs Are A Languagehttp://techcrunch.com/2016/01/28/riffsys-david-mcintosh-on-why-gifs-are-a-language/ For Mobile Messaging, GIFs Prove to Be Worth at Least a Thousand Wordshttp://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/04/technology/gifs-go-beyond-emoji-to-express-thoughts-without-words.html?r=gify Powers the The GIF button, which began appearing last week to some of Messenger’s 700 million monthly active users …http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/05/facebook-really-wants-you-to-use-gifs-inside-messenger?s=giphy+riffsy Powering /gif in Dropbox Paper, ... part Google Drive and part Slackhttp://www.cultofmac.com/392376/dropbox-paper-wants-to-shred-slack-and-google-docs/ Twitter: @gifkeyboard


GIFMAGAZINE is an uploading, sharing and searching website of animated gifs. Especially, we have specialized in Japanese. This integration will enable the /gifmagazine slash command for your team. Example: typing /gifmagazine funny will display a funny GIF in your channel.

Giphy (Slackbot)

Giphy lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on the web. This integration will enable the /giphy slash command for your team. Example: typing "/giphy cats" will display a cat GIF in your channel.

Glance (Slackbot)

Get updates on your favorite metrics in Slack.  Zendesk, Instagram, Alexa, MailChimp, Yahoo Finance, CrunchBase, Currency Layer, Google Analytics, Facebook,  & Twitter currently supported.

Imoji (Slackbot)

Integrate Imoji stickers into your Slack conversations! Simply type /imoji followed by a search term or complete sentence to get a random sticker! Examples:/imoji happy/imoji can't wait for friday!

Indie Coffee (Slackbot)

With a simple command, get a cool coffee shop to work from. Start by typing /coffee followed by the city you want to get a recommendation from. For example: /coffee montreal!

InVision App (Slackbot)

There are two ways you can integrate Slack and InVision: Pushing prototype activity like status changes or new comments to a channel Sharing individual screens with a channel Pushing activity from your InVision prototypes to Slack allows everyone on your team to be aware of new comments, resolved conversations, etc. This ensures everyone on your team is on the same page and provides increased visibility into InVision activity within Slack itself. Automatically push the following events to Slack: Comments made on a prototype Conversations marked as resolved Screen status changed Collaborator added to a prototype Screen added or updated on a prototype Share link viewed

LitBot (Slackbot)

LitBot allows you to read classic literature in short segments. Just request a title and LitBot will send you the next bit of text.

Meme Bot (Slackbot)

Tired of copy pasting memes from google search? we got you covered.use this meme bot with the /meme-list and /meme commands to generate instant memes from slack. BE A MEME HERO!

Movie Night (Slackbot)

Movie Night lets you obtain a complete list of movies showing at the box office (as well as upcoming releases and most popular movies). A brief description, movie poster thumbnail, link to get more info, and user ratings are provided.

MovieSom (Slackbot)

The MovieSom integration allows users to fetch movie information like title, imdb rating, duration, release date and movie poster by typing the corresponding command followed by the movie title or partial movie title. /msom moon Extra options can be passed between {} brackets I.e.: /msom hobbit {year=2012&limit=1} Supported options are:- year: year the movie is released in- limit: limit the result set

OneLogin (Slackbot)

Easily connect Active Directory to Slack. OneLogin's secure single sign-on integration with Slack saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.


Ottspott makes communication between your team and your clients easier. You don't need to own a phone set to have a local number anymore. With a simple Slack integration, Ottspott lets you make and receive calls through your browser. It's even better with a team - you can forward your calls to other members in your team and let them deal with it.

Papertrail (Slackbot)

Papertrail shows you important system and application log messages the moment they happen. They offer an intuitive Web-based log viewer, alerts, charts and analytics exports, long-term archives, and other time-saving log tools. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when Papertrail triggers an alert.

Poncho The Weathercat (Slackbot)

The Poncho Slack app is an awesome way to get personalized weather forecasts. Once installed anyone in your Slack team simply types /Poncho followed by their zipcode and BINGO the coolest of weather forecasts comes back complete with a great gif. It’s a really fun way to check up on the weather direct from Slack. We will be launching new features soon including advice on what shoes to wear and if you are in New York what’s happening with your subway line. We hope you enjoy using Poncho.

quotbook (Slackbot)

Search popular quotations by famous people or keywords from within Slack. Try /quot leadership, try /quot success, try /quot paul graham and more. Have fun sharing this wisdom of ages.

Rukkus (Slackbot)

Rukkus is the premier way to find and buy tickets to your favorite Concerts, Sports, and Theater events! By searching and analyzing tickets from over 1,000 ticket vendors, we find you the best tickets for the cheapest prices. The Rukkus App for Slack makes accessing this complete catalog of events faster and more convenient than ever with simple slash commands. Search by location and/or performer name to find tickets to your favorite artist or sports teams' upcoming, nearby events with just a few keystrokes. Here's some example usages to get you started: /rukkus events near new york city /rukkus adele events /rukkus adele events near new york city

RUWTbot (Slackbot)

Can a robot tell if a game is exciting? I think so. To get started, just type /ruwtbot hello. I watch sports all day for areyouwatchingthis.com, searching for a pitcher with a no-hitter through 7, a game going into overtime, or a ranked team about to be upset. I'll even send you an email or text message if there is an instant classic in the making that you can catch on your TV machine. Give it a try:- /ruwtbot When do the Warriors play next?- /ruwtbot Who won in the NHL last night?- /ruwtbot What's the Cowboys' record?- /ruwtbot NFL News- /ruwtbot Yankees Social- /ruwtbot TV ESPN2

Sellf CRM (Slackbot)

Sellf CRM helps you manage prospects, customers and deals, organize your time and collaborate with your team.Sellf motivates your team to achieve sales goals and helps you tracking selling activities like a breeze.Remember the last phone call, customer visit, meeting, task and email to each and everyone of your customer! This integration will post notifications when a deal is won, posting the deal name, the owner, and its value.- You can simply click on the deal name to see more details about the deal closed- You can celebrate your team’s sales wins with all the GIFs and emoji you need- You can post won deals notifications to different channels when your sales team is divided into areas

Sir Gifs a Lot (Slackbot)

If you've ever been in situation where words and emojis just don't seem to be enough to express the emotions you're feeling, Sir Gifs a Lot is here for you. To get started: 1. Type /gifalot into your slack channel2.  Click on the link Sir Gifs a Bot gives you3. Allow access to your webcam4. Be silly5. Click Use It to send your newly created gif to your slack channel Gif away, my friends!

Son.gg (Slackbot)

Son.gg breaks through this simple barrier of music sharing, by providing a single link you can share with your team no matter which streaming service they use. Share a link with peers and they’ll be able to listen to the track on Apple Music, Deezer, Mix Radio, Bandcamp and Spotify as they wish.

Stickzilla (Slackbot)

Search thousands of stickers for the perfect expression. /stickzilla <search_term> Examples:/stickzilla busy/stickzilla yay

Strewth (Slackbot)

Strewth allows you to give or take points  from any member in your team. Reward people for their efforts or just because you like them. On the flip side, take points from them, but choose wisely as they can also do the same to you!

Stripe (Slackbot)

Stripe is a full online payment infrastructure that makes it easy to start accepting payments online. This integration will post to a Slack channel when updates occur on charges, invoice payments, subscriptions, transfers, and more. You'll be able to choose the events you want to receive in Slack.

Superplayer Zak (Slackbot)

Comigo você poderá encontrar:- Playlists para aumentar sua produtividade- Playlists para relaxar ou qualquer outra atividade- Playlists de todos os gêneros musicais- Estações com músicas do seu artista favorito E aí, o que vamos ouvir hoje? *At the time this bot is available only in Portuguese. A version in English will be available soon.

Team Time Zone (Slackbot)

Team Time Zone helps you work out what time it is for everyone on your team. Just sign in with Slack to sync up your team, and see what time it is for all your coworkers.

Uber on Slack (Slackbot)

Uber on Slack enables Slack users to hail Uber rides directly from their chat client with a command-line type interface. By using slash commands from the Slack API, Uber on Slack allows the user to type in commands to hail an UberX ride, get ETAs, and more!

Unsplash (Slackbot)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So save your sweet keystrokes with Unsplash. Find and post photos from Unsplash's curated collection of breathtaking photography to any Slack channel. You can search for photos by keywords, Unsplash username, or simply ask for a random photo. If you want to post...· A random photo, type  /unsplash random· Photos tagged with a keyword, type /unsplash search [keyword]· Photos from a particular user, type /unsplash user [username]· Instructions about any of the above commands, type /unsplash help [command]

UXPin (Slackbot)

UXPin is a true product design workflow platform — from creation to collaboration. With UXPin/Slack integration, everyone on the team can stay up-to-date. Never be in the dark as to where a project stands. Here’s what you can automatically Slack to your team: # Any changes to the status of a project# Comments added to any prototype# Creation of a new prototype# Uploading of a new document # Archiving a project # Duplicating a project

Weather App (Slackbot)

This app helps users to get current weather information abount any city of the world. User has given fascility to pass city/locaiton name to this app. Weather information maily contains temperature details, humidity data, pressure details at perticular location at that time.

Wermz News (Slackbot)

Want to stay to up to date with what’s going on with your company, industry, competitors, or simply the things you care about?Use Wermz to create customized news channels about any topic in the world. And then share and discuss events that interest you with your team. All within Slack.

Wishpond (Slackbot)

Wishpond helps you generate leads with our simple-to-use landing page editor. When joined with our marketing automation platform, you get a powerful platform for generating, managing, and nurturing leads. Our integration with Slack allows you to send customizable messages to your Slack channels that include lead information and actions. Once integrated, simply go to the marketing automation tool and use the Integration Action in the workflow actions section.

Yarn (Slackbot)

Find video clips from your favorite movies, TV, and music videos.  Enter a quote or lyric and Yarn automatically returns a short video clip that matches.  Yarn also allows subcommands like /yarn /search that lets users select from multiple search results.  Yarns are great for mobile because they are smaller than most animated gifs.

yebot (Slackbot)

Kanye Speaks, And Your Slack Will Listen!/yebot will fetch the artist's latest tweets and Slack one directly to your channel. It’s almost like he’s a member of the team.

Yo (Slackbot)

Yo is a single-tap, zero character communication tool for your mobile devices. This integration will post notifications in a Slack channel when a Yo is received.

ZOMG Memes! (Slackbot)

Allows in-channel creation of memes using the /meme command.Supports creating memes by:1. image search, e.g. /meme cute kitten | omg | kittens!2. image urls, e.g. /meme https://kittens.com/cute.jpg | kittens | such cute3. templated memes, e.g. /meme y u no install slacky?4. animated memes e.g. /meme :anim gandalf vs balrog | you shall not | pass! Supports image searching by:1. normal search e.g. /img gandalf vs balrog2. animated search e.g. /img :anim gandalf vs balrog More features will be added over time!

/coinflip (Slackbot)

We built this app to make quick decisions with your team. Don't know who should do what? Don't know where to go to lunch? Trying to decide who gets to pay for beers after work? Flip a coin by typing in /coinflip [heads or tails] to get an instant decision! Can't decide if you should install? Flip a coin :) Google can't even do that :P Use Cases--Analytics team doesn't know if they should eat lunch with the customer support team or the communication team... They flip a coin!-Jen is busy handling customer support but has an incoming call.. does she answer or nah? COINFLIP!-We just got new office chairs and don't know who should get them... Marketing team or the HR Team? COINFLIP!-There's only one corona left in the fridge... Mike and Sarah both want it.... COINFLIP! Submit your own ways you use /Coinflip and we will feature you!

Emma Hotel Concierge (Slackbot)

Emma is an AI+ML assisted human agent that helps you find the perfect hotel for business travel. 1. Message Emma with your business travel plans, hotel preferences and reward number.2. Looking at hundreds of sources, she finds you the best places to stay at the best prices.3. Pick your favorite, and she'll book on your behalf, maximize your reward points & negotiate free upgrades! 100% free and lowest price guaranteed.


Broadcasting live from covert surveillance cameras, one midnight observation at a time.


The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.

Headless Chickens

Caller states that while walking his dog in the park they came across either a dead turkey or chicken with the head off.

Hostos Bot

Este (ro)bot utiliza los escritos de Eugenio María de Hostos para generar textos nuevos cada 6 horas.

In The End

I designed this Twitter bot to explain one thing, I don't know why, it didn't even matter how hard I tried

Jorge Borges

Each book contains four hundred ten pages; each page, forty lines; each line, approximately eighty black letters.


Bot that scrapes Wikipedia and immediately tweets RIP messages when there is a celebrity death.


Automated cartoon a day, fed by a neural network spidering across news sites and looped back into its own brain.


A Twitter bot that posts National Hurricane Center images from the N. Atlantic.

Numbers Station 001

Based off of real-life Numbers Station transmissions, this bot tweets out a coded message every half-hour. Composed of both noises, numbers in both English and Spanish, and morse code.

One Small Step

One small step for random words from the dictionary, one giant leap for random words from the dictionary-kind.

Statsbot (Slackbot)

Statsbot provides you and your team with analytics insights in the most natural way - just ask him, like your buddy. This data guru monitors your application’s metrics by integrating with tools like Google Analytics, New Relic and Mixpanel.

DBOT by Demisto (Slackbot)

DBOT is free and open source Security Bot integrated into Slack. DBOT scans all the URLs, Files and IP addresses on the channels, groups and private messages in the background. It alerts users of malicious URL/files before the user clicks and gets compromised. Really another Bot? For what? Slack is becoming the operating system for businesses. It is not just a collaboration tool. It is becoming a single place where people chat, exchange technical information, collect the tweets, news articles of their interest, automate their processes etc. With this level of content flowing into Slack from users and also automated sources, there is no security on the content today. The content can be malicious and then end up spreading across your organization very quickly. Take an example – you have subscribed to feed for competitive white papers with a pattern match which gets delivered into Slack via an email or some other integration. This trigger results in a malicious file getting delivered to your Slack channel or a URL which hosts malware on it. At this time your entire slack can click on it and suddenly everybody in compromised. This is faster than even email spreading the malware. Effectively, DBOT provides security for Slack users and also enables security automation for security analysts using Slack.

Growbot (Slackbot)

Your team is awesome and Growbot helps you celebrate that together. Invite Growbot to channels or groups for an immediate boost in employee appreciation and recognition. Growbot encourages and listens for team appreciation, automatically adding positive reactions and saving team wins forever. Growbot can also forward wins from all channels to a single channel so #engineering can celebrate with #sales or #design. All wins are viewable in a default channel and in a company web feed.

Birdly (Slackbot)

Birdly is a bot that lets your team access customer data right from Slack. Connect your favorite enterprise software and apps (Salesforce, Stripe, Intercom…) and ask the bot insightful questions about your customers.

Awesome (Slackbot)

Awesome is an intergalactic bot from the future, where technology works for us without getting in the way. /worklog - Jot down what you're working on throughout the day and Awesome will keep your team in the loop. Highlights - Call out important messages, decisions, or questions and recognize teammates by adding an emoji reaction to messages or files.  Awesome will showcase them in a weekly recap. /sidebar - Awesome helps you avoid the conversation overlap in busy channels by facilitating discussion in focused groups and sharing summaries with the team at large. /recap - Awesome-generated posts that give you the time and space to reflect on Worklogs, Highlights, and Sidebar Summaries for channels or people.

Howdy (Slackbot)

Howdy is your new digital coworker. Our bot will automate repetitive tasks so you can do the real work. Save time by using Howdy to collect information from your team! How's your project going? What would you like to get for lunch? Howdy asks the questions, collects the responses and delivers a report back to you. Teach your bot to do your team's bidding by creating custom scripts without code.

Nikabot (Slackbot)

Let Nikabot track down your team and bring you reports, you don't have to do a thing. See what your whole team has been working on,all in one neatly organized place. Detailed views for project managers and billing, a clear view of how things are going.

API Plug

MySQL, MongoDB, MsSQL. Use API PLUG with different data sources easily. Your Data, Your Cloud. You do not have to hand over your API ownership. Have total control over final product. Deployment Ready. Either get source files, or get a fully optimised Docker container.

Crashlytics (Slackbot)

Crashlytics is a powerful and lightweight crash reporting system with detailed reports and real-time alerts. This integration will post a crash summary to a channel in Slack.

Cronitor (Slackbot)

Monitor cron jobs, daemons, micro-services and almost anything else. Cronitor's realtime dashboard gives you visibility into the health of your scheduled tasks and services like never before. Our Slack integration ensures the right team members are alerted whenever a failure occurs. You can also view alert history and pause alerts without leaving Slack.

New Relic (Slackbot)

New Relic is a web and mobile application performance monitoring service that lets your team keep an eye on application health and availability. This integration will allow you to receive updates in a Slack channel when an alert is triggered in New Relic. If you would like web, transaction, server, and mobile alerts to be posted in separate channels, you will need to set up separate integrations.

Xplenty (Slackbot)

Xplenty is a data integration cloud platform as a service which allows organizations to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics on the cloud. Our Slack integration enables users to receive real-time updates about their account activity into their team inbox.

bip.io (Slackbot)

bip.io is a tool for connecting any number of web services together to create application back-ends or personal productivity workflows.  Use this Slack integration to connect Slack with any of the other 60+ supported web services.

callstats.io (Slackbot)

callstats.io monitors and manages the performance of video calls in an WebRTC application.The callstats.io's Slack app provides notifications from the service- and call-level metrics to a Slack channel. These notifications enable WebRTC apps to identify endpoints/users experiencing poor media quality and diagnose networking issues.

Sketchboard (Slackbot)

Sketchboard brings sketch diagramming whiteboards to Slack. Use over 400 ready made sketch shapes to quickly and in a fun way to communicate your structural ideas with your teammates. Create e.g. software design, flowcharts, mind maps and visual notes mixed with freehand drawings and images. Learn More Have a real-time sketch session with your teammates directly from Slack  and see their mouse movements on an infinite whiteboard. With the integration installed in Slack simply type: /sketch Awesome Idea (to start sketching on Awesome Idea) /sketch add @UserName (adds user to your Sketchboard team) Easily and securely transfer the sketch back to your Slack channel

Airbrake (Slackbot)

Airbrake captures errors generated by your team's web applications, and aggregates the results for easy review. This integration will post notifications in Slack when an error is reported in Airbrake.

Amazon SQS (Slackbot)

Amazon SQS is a highly scalable hosted messaging queue on the AWS Cloud. It allows you to store messages as they travel between different components in your application. This integration will allow you to build almost real-time integrations for public channels – similar to Outgoing Webhooks (https://thelatifs.slack.com/services/new/outgoing-webhook) – but without having to run a separate webserver open to the internet. All messages from public channels in Slack will be sent to the SQS queue, and it is your responsibility to fetch, process, and remove the messages from your queue. By creating an Amazon SQS integration, you agree to the Slack API Terms of Service. https://slack.com/terms-of-service/api

AppSignal (Slackbot)

AppSignal is a complete monitoring service that tracks performance and exceptions in your Ruby on Rails applications and background processes. This integration will allow you to receive new exceptions, deploys and performance notifications in a Slack channel.

Beanstalk (Slackbot)

Beanstalk is the complete code hosting workflow teams or individuals use to write, review and deploy their code. Access to your Slack account is needed to post information about new commits and deployments in your Beanstalk repositories.

Beep Boop (Slackbot)

Our mission is to make Beep Boop the best, easiest, and most obvious place to run Slack bots. We provide an end-to-end developer experience that allows makers to focus on building great bots, and Slack users to effortlessly discover and launch bots while leaving all of the build, integration, deployment, management and scaling to us. We bring bots to life. :)

Bitbucket (Slackbot)

Bitbucket offers free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial projects, as well as project wikis and issue tracking. This integration will post to a Slack channel when code is committed to a repository.

Boundary (Slackbot)

Boundary lets your team monitor Cloud, VMs, or physical servers, and provides one-second metrics so you can respond to issues sooner. This integration will post notifications to Slack when a new alarm is triggered in Boundary.

Bugsnag (Slackbot)

Bugsnag is a cross platform error monitoring system that detects and helps you diagnose crashes in your applications. This integration gives your team the ability to be notified in a Slack channel when the first exception of a new type occurs, when any exception occurs, when a previously resolved error re-occurs, and when an exception occurs frequently.

Buildkite (Slackbot)

Buildkite is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service that manages the tools and runs your tests on your own infrastructure, giving you complete control. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a Buildkite build finishes.

Circle CI (Slackbot)

CircleCI gives web developers powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment with easy setup and maintenance. Simply connect your GitHub account and CircleCI can run tests on your Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, and PHP projects. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a CircleCI build finishes.

Cloud 66 (Slackbot)

Cloud 66 makes Ops easy for developers. It is everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on your own servers on any cloud. This integration will post deployment success/failure messages, server alerts, and several other notifications to a channel in Slack.

Code Climate (Slackbot)

Code Climate is the open and extensible platform for static analysis, providing automated code review for modern programming languages, including Go, JSX, CoffeeScript, SCSS, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack when a repo's coverage or rating changes, and when vulnerabilities are found.

Codeship (Slackbot)

Codeship runs your hosted software tests and automates your code deployments. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack whenever a new build starts. You'll also receive the results of the build in Slack.

Datadog (Slackbot)

Datadog is a cloud monitoring solution that brings metrics from all of your apps, tools & services into one place. This integration will display Datadog posts and snapshots in a channel in Slack.

Dead Man's Snitch (Slackbot)

Dead Man's Snitch is used for monitoring periodic tasks like Cron or backups. We support Slack as a way to notify the entire team when these processes stop running as they should.

DNS Check (Slackbot)

DNS Check enables you to easily monitor, share and troubleshoot DNS records. A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SRV and TXT DNS records are supported. The integration will notify you via Slack when a DNS record starts passing or failing its check.

Ghost Inspector (Slackbot)

Ghost Inspector is an automated UI testing and monitoring service that allows you to create, maintain and execute browser tests against your application or website to check for issues. Our Slack integration allows Ghost Inspector to post test results to a Slack channel of your choice. These results include details about the test run as well as a screenshot, with a link to the full test result in our application. The integration can be used to alert you when scheduled tests fail, or to simply monitor results during a testing phase.

GitHub (Slackbot)

GitHub offers online source code hosting for Git projects, with powerful collaboration, code review, and issue tracking. This integration will post commits, pull requests, and activity on GitHub Issues to a channel in Slack.

GoSquared (Slackbot)

GoSquared helps your team take action faster with real-time analytics, allowing you to monitor, understand, and improve your business. This integration will allow your team to receive traffic notifications in Slack based on triggers configured on GoSquared.

HackerOne (Slackbot)

This integration integrates HackerOne with Slack. It notifies your team on activity in HackerOne reports. Every notification on a report will be sent directly to the chosen Slack channel.

Heroku (Slackbot)

Heroku is a cloud-based deployment and hosting service for your team's apps. It supports many languages including Ruby, Java, Python, and Node.js. This integration will post deployment notifications to a channel in Slack.

Honeybadger (Slackbot)

Honeybadger is an online error management service for Ruby apps that also allows you to monitor your app's uptime and performance. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack when an error is detected by Honeybadger.

IFTTT (Slackbot)

IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect various web applications using a conditional statement: if this then that. This integration will let you connect Slack to an IFTTT action.

Insping (Slackbot)

Insping is a real-time website monitoring tool that provides instant notifications on outages and helps monitor website uptime and downtime. Insping also provides critical downtime information and gives status updates on whether your site is Available, has a reporting error or is Not responding. With Availability Reports, webhooks and text alerts, you can always be informed about how your site is performing at any point of the day.

Jenkins CI (Slackbot)

Jenkins CI is a customizable continuous integration server with over 600 plugins, allowing you to configure it to meet your needs. This integration will post build notifications to a channel in Slack.

Librato (Slackbot)

Librato is an online monitoring platform that allows your team to collect, store, and visualize any metric across all levels of your application stack. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack when an alert is triggered in Librato.

Logentries (Slackbot)

Logentries provides an easy-to-use cloud service for log management and analytics. With easy search, Live Tail, and real-time alerting, you'll have access to all of your application's data in one place. This integration will post notifications to Slack when an alert is triggered in Logentries.

Lookback (Slackbot)

Lookback is a feedback recording tool that helps you understand the emotions of the users so that you can develop better apps. See the screen, face, and voice of your users on iOS, Mac, or Android. Record in-house remotely and without equipment. This integration allows your team to receive updates in a Slack channel when new recordings, projects, and team members are added. You can also post recordings to a Slack channel after watching them in the Lookback player.

mktmpio (Slackbot)

Create entire database servers in under 1 second and use them to run tests, experiment with, or collaborate.  Supported databases include MySQL (5.6, 5.7), Postgres (9.4, 9.5, and PostGIS), MongoDB, Redis, and more.

Monkey Test It (Slackbot)

Monkey Test It is the only way to summon a troop of specially bred fully automated website testing monkeys to your website. These tests check for all the most commonly overlooked mistakes, including JavaScript errors, missing files (images, css, etc), broken links, and SEO issues. Don't waste time clicking around the web-inspector whenever you deploy your website, let our monkeys do the hard work.

Nagios (Slackbot)

Nagios is an IT management system that organizations use to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems. This integration will post Nagios alerts to a channel.

OpsGenie (Slackbot)

OpsGenie forwards alerts from your IT monitoring tool to notify users via mobile apps, email, SMS and more. This integration allows you to manage your team's OpsGenie alerts from within Slack by using the /genie slash command. Type /genie help to see a list of available commands.

Opsmatic (Slackbot)

Opsmatic provides instant visibility into the state of your entire infrastructure so your team can easily resolve issues. This integration will post alerts to Slack when a Saved Search notification is triggered in Opsmatic. You can also manually share an individual change event to Slack.

PagerDuty (Slackbot)

PagerDuty provides IT alert monitoring, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident tracking to fix problems in your apps, servers and websites. This integration will post an alert to a channel in Slack whenever an incident event is triggered by your PagerDuty service.

Pingdom (Slackbot)

Pingdom is a website monitoring service that tracks the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites, ensuring you're the first to know when a problem occurs. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when one of your Pingdom alert policies is triggered (a change in uptime/downtime).

Rainforest QA (Slackbot)

Rainforest QA gives you the reliability of a QA team without the hassle of management, and the speed of automation without the pain of writing automated tests. This integration will post the results of QA tests to a channel in Slack.

Raygun (Slackbot)

Raygun is a leading error and crash reporting tool to help developers discover and resolve software bugs as they happen. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when an error is detected by Raygun.

Rollbar (Slackbot)

Rollbar helps development teams detect, diagnose and defeat application errors. View exceptions from all of your languages, frameworks, platforms and environments in one place. This integration will post notifications in Slack when an error is detected by Rollbar.

Runscope (Slackbot)

Runscope provides automated API performance monitoring and testing tools that allow DevOps, QA and API teams to solve API problems fast. Get full visibility into API health by validating API uptime, performance and correctness. This integration will post API test results to a Slack channel and can be customized to show all test runs or just failures.

Scanbot (Slackbot)

Scanbot is the leading Document and QR Code scanner app for iOS and Android, making it easy to create premium quality scans of every document. This integration will let you scan, OCR, and import documents into Slack.

Semaphore (Slackbot)

Semaphore is a fully managed, high performance testing and deployment service for your team. It eliminates the need to maintain a custom CI server, and integrates seamlessly with GitHub for a quick setup. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack when a build finishes, and when a deploy finishes. Note: To add this integration, you will need to be a project owner in Semaphore.

Sentry (Slackbot)

Sentry is an event logging platform primarily focused on capturing and aggregating exceptions. It supports many popular languages and platforms, including Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and even JavaScript. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when Sentry detects an exception in your application.

StatusPage.io (Slackbot)

StatusPage.io is the best way to create a status page for your website or app, and it only takes minutes to set up. This integration will post a notification to a channel in Slack when a change is made to your status page. This includes a new incident being posted, a component being updated, and many other events.

Subversion (Slackbot)

Subversion is an open source version control system. This integration will post commits to a channel in Slack.

Travis CI (Slackbot)

Travis CI is a continuous integration platform that takes care of running your software tests and deploying your apps. This integration will allow your team to receive notifications in Slack for normal branch builds, and for pull requests, as well.

updown.io (Slackbot)

updown.io is a HTTP(S)/TCP/ICMP monitoring service which checks periodically the URL you want and reports back any anomaly, be it downtime, bad response, degraded performance or even broken SSL certificate. It then publishes alerts in realtime to your Slack channel, email address and/or phone (sms). Finally, updown.io provides status pages with uptime and performance metrics.

Uptrends (Slackbot)

Uptrends monitors your websites and online applications and generates alert notifications based on your requirements. As Uptrends' alerts are traditionally sent to e-mail and SMS/text, these alert messages can in addition be sent to one or more Slack channels, allowing your team members to respond to incidents as a group, as well as individually.

Visual Studio Team Services (Slackbot)

Visual Studio Team Services is the online home for your development projects, allowing your team to host, manage, and build code in the cloud. This integration will post notifications in a Slack channel when these events occur in your project: Build completed Code pushed Pull request created Pull request updated Team room message posted Work item commented on Work item created Work item updated

Zapier (Slackbot)

The easiest way to integrate Slack with hundreds of complementary apps. Zapier supports Gmail, Basecamp, Evernote, Google Sheets, Typeform, Wufoo, Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Facebook Pages and more… Trigger new Slack messages for events in other apps, such as when you receive a Gravity Forms form entry or add a contact to Zoho CRM. You can also send message contents to other apps by triggering on new Starred messages—great for creating tasks in Trello, Asana or Todoist. Zapier is proudly used by thousands of Slack customers for hundreds of integrations and automations.

Hubot (Slackbot)

Hubot is an open source chat robot for your company that's easy to program using simple scripts written in CoffeeScript and runs on Node.js. This integration will allow your Hubot instance to connect and interact with your Slack team.

Lita (Slackbot)

Lita is an open source chat bot written in Ruby. It helps you automate your business and have fun with your very own robot companion. This integration will allow your Lita bot to connect to Slack and interact with your team.

bitHound (Slackbot)

bitHound identifies risks and priorities in your Node.js projects' code and dependencies so that you can focus on critical issues, save time, and ship with confidence. With this Slack integration, bitHound will post new priorities found in your projects right to the Slack channel of your choosing. It's a great way to keep tabs on all your projects!

Bitium (Slackbot)

Bitium is the comprehensive enterprise-grade identity and access management solution for cloud-forward companies.  It offers a secure, easy to use solution that adapts to the way a company operates today and as their needs evolve, with world-class customer service.Once configured, this integration will let your employees quickly log in to their configured apps using the /bitium slash command.

Dockbit (Slackbot)

Deploying has never been this easy. With one simple Slack command, anybody can deploy and keep your team updated. If anything goes wrong, you get notified right away.This integration is a command & control center to your team deployments. Type /dockbit help command in your chat and it will tell you everything you can do with Dockbit.

Exversion (Slackbot)

Need data? Exversion indexes hundreds of open data portals from government sites, to geonodes, to datasets hosted on github. Exversion for Slack allows you to run a quick data search directly inside Slack. Still can't find what you need? This app can also open a data request on Exversion's community board.

Greenhouse (Slackbot)

Greenhouse is a continuous integration service for Android and iOS apps. Setting up a new project is dead simple, doesn’t take any crazy configuration magic and takes just a few clicks. Greenhouse automatically builds your project for every commit you make and runs all your unit or UI tests on the emulator/simulator or on real hardware. Greenhouse will post build status notifications in your Slack channel including a direct install link, change-log and test status of all builds.

Kuary (Slackbot)

Kuary is the easiest way to find your stuff. Use Kuary's search bar to find your pictures on Facebook, files in Slack, and even your work documents in the cloud. Kuary while you Slack! Use the /kuary command to instantly find and share your stuff directly in the Slack channel. You can find and share work docs, contacts, and events right without leaving the Slack app!

Lucidchart (Slackbot)

Lucidchart is a powerful tool for making professional flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams, org charts, mockups, and more, trusted by over 5 million users. A simple drag-and-drop interface, with a massive template library, lets you easily map out complex flows and keep everyone on the same page. And with advanced sharing settings and real-time collaboration, it's the ideal solution for Slack teams. Installation takes seconds and using the integration is effortless. Type /lucidchart in any Slack channel to create a new diagram and invite others to collaborate Share directly to Slack users and channels from Lucidchart's Share dialog

Mailinator (Slackbot)

Does your QA Team use Mailinator for testing and Slack for communication?  Now use them together. Fetch Mailinator Inboxes right in Slack.

Okta (Slackbot)

Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud and delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. The Okta service provides directory services, single sign-on, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow, and built in reporting for Slack. Enterprises use Okta to manage access across Slack and any application as well as any person or device to increase security, make people more productive, and maintain compliance.

Pluga (Slackbot)

Pluga improves corporate performance by connecting Slack with other web applications. With Pluga you can trigger new Slack messages for events in other apps, such as when you receive a paid transaction entry from Stripe, iugu, Pagar.me, PagSeguro or Moip. Pluga supports Stripe, Google Sheets, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Mandrill, iugu, Pagar.me, Moip, PagSeguro, and more... Smart Slack customers are using Pluga to automate boring tasks and unlock their Jedi's abilities. Note: Our dashboard is in Portuguese, but an English version is coming soon.

SketchTogether (Slackbot)

SketchTogether is an online whiteboard that lets teams discuss visual content like drawn mockups, annotated screenshots, and meeting notes in realtime directly from the browser. With the Slack integration, you can post your sketches directly from SketchTogether into any of your Slack channels.

Tracky Time Tracker (Slackbot)

With Tracky you will no longer need to distract yourself with a separate app or website to toggle timers. This can be done straight from the Slack that you probably use all the time anyway. You only need to turn on the mobile app (iOS or Android) to check your data when doing monthly summary or something. Sounds like a time tracker you would actually use ?

Screenbot (Slackbot)

Share screenshots, annotations, screencasts, web captures, gifs, and more with a single slash command. Screenbot is the essential screen tool for your team from the folks who brought you Droplr*. - Screenshots: A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture and share a screenshot - all without cluttering up your desktop.-  Annotations:  Make yourself clear with fewer words using annotation, shapes and notes. Guaranteed to avoid confusion and improve communication.- Screencasts: Record your screen and share it as a GIF or a high quality video with audio narration. Just type /sb help for more info. * Screenbot works with existing Droplr Free and Droplr Pro accounts.

Cheetah Track (Slackbot)

Toggl is a time tracking tool that allows teams to easily allow its members to track time accross multiple projects. Check out more on www.Toggl.com . Cheetah Track  allows users to start, stop and view their Toggl timer straight from Slack.

DoneDone (Slackbot)

DoneDone is a simple, effective issue tracker your clients and developers will love. This integration will connect a DoneDone project with a Slack private or public channel. DoneDone will automatically send notifications on new issues, issue updates, and release builds to Slack so you're always caught up on the progress of your issues.

Jirio (Slackbot)

With Jirio you can  create JIRA bugs, tasks and stories from Slack. Type one of the predefined commands and Jirio bot will connect to JIRA and craete, transition between states or close an issue right away. For example, type /jirio create a story A user should see his shopping cart  to create a story! Jirio supports creating, transitioning and closing issues, saving repetitive parameters and more. At the moment only publicly visible JIRA installations (such as JIRA Cloud) are supported, but you can expect private instances to be supported pretty soon.

POEditor (Slackbot)

POEditor is an online translation and localization management platform, designed to increase the productivity of localization teams.This app helps POEditor users keep track of what happens in their accounts, without having to leave the Slack interface. It notifies them whenever translations are completed, contributors added, new strings are available for translation, and about other important events.

Scrum Mate (Slackbot)

Scrum Mate is an agile management tool for Scrum and Kanban teams. This integration allows users to receive notifications from Scrum Mate as a Slack direct message. You’ll get notifications when someone assigns you to a story or task, mentions you in a comment, or modifies a user story you're subscribed to. You'll receive notification when a sprint has been started or stopped on a board you're working on.

WakaTime (Slackbot)

Metrics, insights, & time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity. Every time you push commits to GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab the WakaTime bot shows your coding activity for the commit. Coding activity is the time you spent on a commit inside your IDE or text editor. See a demo at https://wakatime.com/slack with example messages.

XP-Dev.com (Slackbot)

XP-Dev.com is an online service that offers Subversion, Mercurial and Git repositories, as well as an agile project management and productivity suite. It is geared for teams to work and collaborate together on software based projects. The integration with Slack posts repository and project activity details over to Slack channels in real-time. We don't read any data from Slack.

PractiTest Test Case Management (Slackbot)

PractiTest test management integration will allow you to be in control of your testing status right in your Slack feed channel. Based on your configuration you will be informed whenever a test or an instance had been run, failed, passed, and when there's an entity change.

Blossom (Slackbot)

Blossom is an agile project management tool for modern software development teams. It shows you who is working on what and reveals the flow of a project feature from start to finish. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a project is updated in Blossom.

Bugbot (Slackbot)

Switching out of Slack to manage your Github Issues is a bummer, so we made Bugbot! Just install it for you team, and everyone with a GitHub account can access and create new issues, just like that. Bugbot is super flexible, so everyone can be reading and writing to different GitHub repos. Just run /bugbot repos to find your repo, then run /bugbot repo org/reponame to set it. From there, all you need to do to create a new GitHub Issue is run /bugbot add [your issue name], or run /bugbot issuesto stay up to date on the latest issues from your team. Oh, and did we mention Bugbot is open source? Help us make it better: https://github.com/smallwins/bugbot

Bugrocket (Slackbot)

Bugrocket account holders can setup the Slack integration on the main management/admin page in their accounts. Once configured, Bugrocket will post ticket creation and update notifications to the channel chosen by the user. Included is: - the title (& number) - a excerpt from a comment (if any) - the author (and their avatar) - any change in assignee, status, priority, list That's pretty much it!

Primer (Slackbot)

With Primer, you can deploy fully-customizable native mobile screens from the server. You’ll create unique flows to provide targeted experiences to different groups of users, and A/B your different flows to improve their conversion rates. The Primer Slack integration notifies your team when new flows or A/B variants are launched, and when you have a winning variation in an A/B test.

TestFairy (Slackbot)

TestFairy helps mobile developers test their apps better by providing them with videos, showing what exactly happened on the app before it crashed or before something went wrong. Our Slack integration can be used to get notifications on crashes, feedback submitted from testers, new versions that were uploaded to the service, or even download notifications for specific users. As a project manager, you would probably want to receive real-time notifications when a tester you invited has downloaded your app, or when a new version has been made available for download. As a developer, you may want to receive real time notifications when your app crashed, with an attachment of the recorded session. A record session is information including the video, cpu/memory metrics, application logs and plenty of other stuff. User feedbacks are relevant to anyone in the team. For every new feedback (tester shakes a device, provides textual feedback, or sketches a screenshot) you will be notified, with all relevant information, and most important, the video that shows what exactly happened before your user complained.

Zeplin (Slackbot)

Zeplin is a collaboration app for designers and engineers that helps ease the handoff process by auto-generating style guides, specs and assets. This integration allows your team to receive updates in a Slack channel when new designs are uploaded, resources are updated and new messages/replies from your teammates come in.

Relay (Slackbot)

Stream important user engagement activity directly to your team's Slack channels. Get started in 5 minutes by connecting to Segment, Stripe or directly to our API. Relay helps your team track when a user:- signs up.- runs out of credits and needs to upgrade.- downgrades their account.- finds a bug.- has trouble onboarding.- wants a new feature.- starts becoming less engaged with your app.- abandons a cart during a shopping session.- opens an email.- uses a new SaaS tool.

Appbot (Slackbot)

Get app reviews for iOS, Mac, Google Play, Windows Phone and Amazon for all countries straight to your Slack channel! You can even reply directly to Google Play reviews with a quick link to Google Play console. We make sense of review data from the major mobile app stores by aggregating and analysing customer sentiment about your apps, and those of your competitors. Developers and Product Managers use Appbot to cut through the noise and surface the reviews that are really important to their downloads and revenue by: easily identifying feature requests, quickly surfacing bugs, and tracking how users are feeling about their apps over time.

Bell Apps App Review Notification (Slackbot)

Send App Store reviews to a specified channel of your Slack team. When reviews are posted to App Store page, send notification to Slack automatically. You can receive reviews of any AppStore App. So, for example, you can check reviews of your competitors.

doctorSIM IMEI Lookup (Slackbot)

Identify any phone based on its IMEI number!Check if it is blacklisted against over 150 network operators from 57 countries!Obtain info regarding the original phone operator! Available commands: /whatphone Get specs on a phone based on its IMEI/MEID /isblacklisted Check whether a phone is blacklisted /isatt Did the phone originally come from AT&T /how Help and list of more commands! Checks are FREE and UNLIMITED for phone spec and AT&T origin check. Checks for blacklisted lookups are limited initially to 10 lookups. If you need additional lookups you can sign up for an account here: https://pro.doctorsim.com/libpanel/alta/?lang=1. You can check pricing and account balance with: /pricing /getbalance Happy Checking!

Doorbell (Slackbot)

Easily gather in-app user feedback, on websites, iOS apps, and Android apps. Doorbell integrates with your favourite project management systems, so you can easily create tasks in them based on user feedback. Integrations include Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Sprint.ly, FogBugz, and several others. Get notified instantly by email or in Slack when new feedback is received, or when replies are sent. Other features include automatic screenshots via the JavaScript SDK, sending and receiving attachments, sentiment analysis of feedback, and more!

Help Scout (Slackbot)

Help Scout is a simple, scalable help desk solution for small businesses to manage customer support. This integration allows your team to receive notifications when a conversation is created, assigned, updated, replied to, and deleted.

LaunchKit (Slackbot)

Automatically finds and posts reviews from the App Store for your app for the entire team to see. Automatically imports and beautifully formats App Store sales reports so you know how many downloads you get every day.

Pulseway (Slackbot)

This application allows your team to receive all Pulseway notifications, so that you can stay on top of what’s happening with your systems.

Smooch (Slackbot)

Speak to your customers directly from Slack Manage your customer relationships entirely in Slack Allow your entire team to completely manage communication with your customers without leaving Slack. Smooch also automatically manages and archives the conversation channels it creates to keep your team’s Slack neat & tidy. Mom would approve. 1. When a user reaches out to you, Smooch will alert a channel you specify to let you know a user needs help. 2. This alert will take you to a channel that’s specific to the user who’s speaking to you. 3. Consult and collaborate with your teammates, then reply with a simple /sk command. Your replies are instantly delivered to the user’s phone and look just like a text message would.

TexTurner (Slackbot)

TexTurner is The Human Translation Bot for Slack. TexTurner removes the bottlenecks that slow down translation jobs. Real native speakers translate your words into context and humanize your job, be it an email, ad copy, strings for an app, or even an investor deck. Whatever it is, you'll have it translated in 3-30 minutes by a Human. You and your team will never be lost in translation again. Note: Clicking the Add-to-Slack button will create a TexTurner account using the email address you've saved in Slack.

Samanage (Slackbot)

The Samanage Slack app enables integrating between Samanage and Slack for receiving Samanage notifications on new incidents and SLA breaches in a specific Slack channel. Samanage delivers 100% SaaS enterprise service desk and IT asset management solutions that instantly offer extensive visibility into every incident and every service request. Visibility into service management is uniquely defined by Samanage through a highly intuitive interface, rich reporting, real-time peer-to-peer benchmarking into performance metrics, and actionable insights gathered from millions of service requests. With this one-of-a-kind approach to visibility of enterprise services, Samanage enables an unprecedented level of confidence to IT service management. Shifting the value equation for how services are delivered to the enterprise, Samanage is leading the next generation of ITSM solutions. Samanage is a paid service. You are welcome to sign up for a free 14 day trial.

Azuqua (Slackbot)

The first time you add a Slack card to a FLO, you will need to set up a configuration for that Channel. Setting up a configuration will allow you to connect Azuqua your Slack account, save the data, and reuse that configuration next time you build a FLO with this card. That way, you don't have to sign in every time you want to build a FLO with this Channel. After you've set up one configuration, you can choose to use that configuration again, or set up a new one. 

Usersnap (Slackbot)

Connect Slack with the bug tracker from Usersnap Get notified inside Slack on every created screenshot & bug report. Bug tracking with Slack made easy. Why connect Slack with Usersnap for bug tracking? Bug tracking, browser testing and issue tracking with the Slack integration from Usersnap was never easier. Point and click issue reporting helps you to get browser screenshots and additional information faster. No endless bug reporting for your users ever again. Learn more about integrating Slack with Usersnap (https://usersnap.com/slack)

Nestor (Slackbot)

Nestor automates all of the mundane within your team and is completely programmable in Javascript. There are a bunch of powers available to your team that you can add that are available here: https://www.asknestor.me/powers You can create your own powers by following along here: https://www.asknestor.me/developers Watch a demo of Nestor in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61MimimmOZQ

Brandfolder (Slackbot)

Brandfolder offers two ways to organize, share, and track your brand assets without leaving Slack. Whether you install just one of these apps, or you use them both in harmony,  the Event Feed integration and Brandbot are guaranteed to give you more control over your brand. The Brandfolder Event Feed takes the best of Brandfolder’s analytics and puts it right into your Slack channel, so you can see all activity in real-time. This helps you keep tabs on your brand by monitoring how each asset is being used, and who’s using it. Brandbot makes it easy to collaborate on brand assets directly in Slack. Simply mention Brandbot with what you’re looking for to quickly access the assets in your Brandfolder. Brandbot can also detect any file you uploaded and ask if you’d like to send it to Brandfolder. Need help? Simply type @brandbot help. Here are some screenshots of the two apps in action: https://brandfolder.com/blog/shared-story/brandfolder-for-slack/

Box (Slackbot)

Box helps business of all sizes in every industry securely collaborate and manage their content in the cloud. This integration will import Box files into Slack. To import files from your Box account, use the Add File button in Slack (it’s beside the message input), or just include a shared link to the file in a message. Imported files will be automatically updated when the corresponding Box file is updated. Imported files are searchable and shareable but will continue to be stored in your Box account.

Dropbox (Slackbot)

Dropbox is a free online storage service that makes it easy to backup and share photos, documents, videos and more. This integration will import Dropbox files into Slack. To import files from your Dropbox account, use the Add File button in Slack (it's beside the message input), or just include a shared link to the file in a message. Imported files will be automatically updated when the corresponding Dropbox file is updated. Imported files are searchable and shareable but will continue to be stored in your Dropbox account.

Google Drive (Slackbot)

Google Drive lets you store files securely online, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others. This integration allows you to import Google Drive files by pasting the file's URL into Slack.

Tettra (Slackbot)

Tettra helps your company keep up the pace when things are moving fast. When your team is small, it’s easy to stay in the loop. In-person conversations, 1-on-1 chats, and emails keep you on top of everything that’s important. But as your team grows, communication becomes exponentially more difficult. Decisions are trapped in email threads where no-one can see them. It’s hard to know where to go to get feedback. Company-wide emails become a nuisance. Chat is great for quick, transactional communication. But thought-out write-ups and threaded discussions are where the real communication gets done that's keep everyone on the same page. This “low-gear” style of communication is crucial to coordinating and setting a vision for high impact projects. Tettra is a company wiki, built on Slack. It helps your team stay up to date on what's happening and be more effective by storing all your company's knowledge in one central, searchable, manageable place.

HelloSign (Slackbot)

Get updated in real time when your documents and contracts are signed, all within your designated Slack channel. You’ll be reminded of which customers currently have outstanding requests so your team will always know when to follow-up. You can also pin fun reactions to HelloSign updates so you can celebrate as soon as that important deal closes!

Loverino (Slackbot)

Allows you to search the text from any spoken audio such as conference calls. Ever wanted to be on a conference call but were too busy and wanted to know what was said? Search conference calls with Loverino Speech Recognition Bot.

Cloudo (Slackbot)

Cloudo gives you one place to search & organize your stuff in the cloud. Search Slack files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote... or create new Trello or Asana tasks, Evernote notes all from one place.

LinkPin (Slackbot)

LinkPin makes it easy to keep and read the links shared with you by your group members (in fact, it's automatic). The mobile app makes it easy to focus on the reading and the web app allows you to arrange your links conveniently. Think of LinkPin as an automated Pocket+Pinterest for your Slack links!

Stride (Slackbot)

Stride is a smart file manager.  By connecting your Google Drive, Dropbox and Box you’ll have access to cross-cloud search and personalized notifications that will alert you when important files get updated. This integration will allow you to share files from your Stride account using the iOS app. You can share files to a person, group or channel in Slack.

WhereDat (Slackbot)

WhereDat is a mobile search engine that searches the content on your Android device. Integrations with other Android apps enable searching the apps content from inside WhereDat. In order to access the integrations you'll need a premium account. This integration allows you to search for Slack messages from inside WhereDat.Search by channel or by the content in your messages.

Xendo (Slackbot)

Xendo provides unified search across enterprise cloud apps like Slack, Salesforce, Google Apps and more. Search across multiple Slack teams in one shot and get a unified perspective across all your content, wherever it is.

odrive (Slackbot)

odrive is the desktop sync for all your Slack files. Get sync access to all your Slack channels and direct messages.  Open all your Slack files and make updates directly from your file system. Notifications are automatic so your team stays organized and in sync!

IQBoxy Expenses (Slackbot)

Yes, IQBoxy integrates with Slack. If you haven't heard of Slack then I encourage you to visit their website: slack.com. All the marketing and benefits are listed there. Essentially Slack is your internal communications app. You may have used or are using the likes of HipChat or Yammer but Slack goes few steps above them. It features powerful and fast Notification integration into any other tools you may be using and the user experience is very slick and easy.

Instawell (Slackbot)

Online motivation and well-being support for you. In Slack. Instantly. Get on-demand access to real Helpers matched to your specific needs, right when you need it. Just a slash command away: Get connected with one of our verified Helpers. Pause & resume chats at will. 3 free chats with a Professional Helper.

Pilot (Slackbot)

Could you use an extra pair of hands on your engineering or design team to complete an important project? Quickly find carefully vetted contract engineers you can hire, all from inside Slack. To get matched with an engineer or a designer, just type “@pilot I need a Ruby on Rails developer with 3–5 years of experience to build a messaging app for teams”, and Pilot will send you back our best suggestions within 48 hours.

PlusPlus++ (Slackbot)

PlusPlus++  allows you to plus, minus and keep score of all the good and not so good things your friends say and do on Slack. You can add a point by typing @user++, deduct a point by typing @user-- and check the leaderboard by typing “@plusplus leaderboard. (Please note: Some information might be publicly shared. Learn more at https://plusplus.chat/faqs#how-is-this-private)

addo (Slackbot)

Create an account and login with a single tap, using the Slack integration!  It's free for up to 5 users! Addo is a wellness game for teams.  The game helps build a healthy team culture by encouraging team members to perform healthy habits, for which they gain points.  Players can form smaller teams to compete in together, as well. Employees often get bored of long-lasting, boring corporate wellness platforms, so Addo works in campaigns instead. Once the account is created, your team will have a week to prepare for the first campaign which lasts 21 days: long enough to start getting into certain habits, but short enough not to get bored. At the end of a campaign, the entire team can see a colourful report of how they did, with graphs and information on their performance.  Reward the winners and congratulate everyone for the effort and start preparing for the next campaign! Addo makes wellness fun, and our mascot, the Addo Wolf, keeps us company at every step of the way. Someday, you might even get to chat with the Addo Wolf through slack ;)

Breezy HR (Slackbot)

Stay up-to-date on new candidates, positions and other exciting HR related activity without ever leaving Slack. - Stay informed on new candidates and their progress- Track new positions- Share feedback- And much more Setup is super simple, you might even say it's a breeze. Just click the Enable button from the Integration section inside Breezy.

DoSelect (Slackbot)

DoSelect is a collaborative, technology-independent talent recruitment platform. It helps companies discover, engage with, and hire the best people for their teams. This integration allows you to receive updates and reports from your team on DoSelect in a channel on Slack.

GoCo (Slackbot)

Once you setup your team on GoCo.io and connect with Slack, we’ll automatically post your team’s birthdays and work anniversaries direct to the Slack channel.  Never miss a chance to celebrate a key date again!   But what IS GoCo?  Simply put, we provide a free, modern HR web platform that helps small businesses take better care of their people.

Health Hero (Slackbot)

Health Hero is a simple & fun way to start a fitness challenge in your company. It allows everyone to connect their favorite health apps/fitness devices and ranks on a leaderboard who is winning by workout time & steps. Our two-way integration helps to ensure everyone knows where they stand in the competition and also allows the recording of manual workouts. Slack users can use the slash-command /healthhero to see a list of commands such as registering, adding health apps & fitness devices, and seeing the leaderboard - all without leaving Slack.

Hey Taco! (Slackbot)

Hey Taco! is an amazingly fun and unique recognition platform for Slack that let's you recognize your teammates when they do awesome things.  Just simply add a taco emoji after someone's username when you want to recognize them. Track RecognitionKeep track of all the taco giving on your team's leaderboard. Create RewardsMake giving tacos more meaningful by creating rewards. Learn  more: https://www.heytaco.chat?utm=app-directory

Hired (Slackbot)

Hired is a career marketplace for the world's knowledge workers. Starting with in-demand tech and sales roles, we’re bringing together job seekers with the companies who want to hire them. Employers get access to a hand-picked pool of candidates who are interested in new roles, as well as unmatched transparency into competing offers so they can recruit and hire with insight. Get updates in Slack when things happen with your company on Hired. Get updated when interviews are scheduled, candidates are bookmarked, and more!

icliniq (Slackbot)

The Icliniq slack app is an extension of Icliniq, a leading online telehealth consulting portal for Slack Teams. For any team to use Icliniq, the admin has to authorise the app for their respective teams. The first query is free for every slack user. The team admin can purchase plans listed on our website for their respective teams.

Intro (Slackbot)

Intro is a private professional network for your Slack team. See a full member directory and detailed profiles of your Slack team members, add your connections to the group network, and reach people you need  through your team members' connections. Companies can connect with potential customers or find great candidates through their employees' networks.  General networking Slack teams can discover new opportunities, and reach investors and co-founders through their team's network. Basically Intro is your Slack team's new superpower. Our /INTRO Slack command lets you search for people and companies in your team network right from Slack. Try it out with: /intro @YourUsername

Polls by Subcurrent (Slackbot)

Subcurrent provides simple polls and feedback for Slack with:- Emoji reaction polls- Live, accurate results- Create, vote and get results without leaving Slack It also has powerful features like scheduling, anonymity and commenting built-in to help you customize your feedback experience. Or just ask people what they want for lunch - whatever works!

Tap My Back (Slackbot)

Your team deserves recognition for daily victories! Add Tap My Back to your channels and start motivating your team with the power of peer-to-peer recognition. All your team members can award their co-workers with badges that match the actions worthy of recognition. It's easy to use: just create your Tap My Back account, add your team members and click Add to Slack. You'll get an instant boost on your employee engagement and recognition.

YouWorth (Slackbot)

YouWorth provides precise and continuous salary estimates to professionals in the job market based on their LinkedIn™ skills, education, and work experience. Use our Slack app to quickly receive real-time market quotes and charts of 1,000+ individual skills. To look up a skill, just type/quote javascriptand YouWorth will send you back the skill's current market value and recent price movements charted over time.

Blitz (Slackbot)

Blitz is a free app that seamlessly adds instant messaging to all your recruitment media and hiring efforts. Engage with talent interested in your company and convert them into actual recruitment leads. Blitz gives them a low-barrier, direct communication channel to you and their future colleagues, directly on Slack. You can use Blitz links/buttons in job postings, direct search or on your career site - there are no limits. Blitz also assists you in screening and evaluating those candidates, all within Slack. No need for new tools. Our pre-screening technology assures that you get no interruption for you and the hiring team from unqualified candidates. Try it, it's free!

Bonusly (Slackbot)

Bonusly is a social recognition platform that allows you to reward your colleagues with instant peer-to-peer bonuses and gain valuable insight into the strengths, skills, and accomplishments of your team. This integration will post announcements of bonuses, achievements, and other important events to a channel in Slack.

Props (Slackbot)

Props makes recognition easy, fun, and public. Anyone can give “props” to team members using our ‘props’ reaction emoji. All the props then get broadcasted to your office TVs. Each team member can set their own personal GIF to play each time they are recognized.

Small Improvements (Slackbot)

Small Improvements is a performance feedback solution for small to medium-sized companies. It covers 360° feedback, performance reviews, goals&objectives, and continuous feedback. Our two-way integration helps keeping your staff in the loop. Slack users will receive private notifications for new and updated objectives and messages in Small Improvements. Small Improvements will also post updates about public objectives and messages into designated Slack channels. Slack users can use the new slash-command /praise to create praises into Small Improvements without leaving Slack.

Leo (Officevibe Bot) (Slackbot)

The most powerful way to improve employee satisfaction, directly in Slack. Leo asks employees a different question each week about how it's going at work. As soon as new feedback comes in from employees, he posts it for managers to see in a private channel. He’ll also encourage employees to become closer with each other through praise and other fun activities. More information : https://www.officevibe.com/slack

Calamari (Slackbot)

Calamari is a leave management solution for SMBs and HiTech companies focused on growth and increasing time efficiency of HR processes. This integration allows you to sign in with Slack and receive Slack notifications about absences of your employees. Finally you can and request leave or clock in using Slack commands: /calamari [help|clockin|clockout|leavelist|leaverequest|....] Start your trial at : https://calamari.io

Continu (Slackbot)

Continu is a powerful, flexible, modern Learning Platform. This integration will allow users to receive notifications from Continu inside Slack through the use of a Continubot.

Deckchair Holiday Management (Slackbot)

We allow businesses to easily manage the Holiday Leave for their Team. Our Slack integration notifies you directly when you have an authorised holiday, and reminds you when your next holiday is due. It gives instant alerts direct to you when a manager has approved (yay!) or denied (boo..hiss) your leave request.

Simple In/Out (Slackbot)

Simple In/Out is a digital in/out board for keeping track of co-worker whereabouts. Great for offices with employees always in and out. Our dead-simple interface allows you to easily sign yourself in or out with custom status messages as well as check on the statuses of others.  We support automatic check ins and a host of industry-first features.  With apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, desktops, web browsers, and televisions, you'll never be far from your in/out board.

Timetastic (Slackbot)

Timetastic is the #1 staff leave planner that makes working life just that little bit simpler. It’s the easiest way to book time off work. By using the desktop or mobile apps it eliminates the need for paperwork, and keeps track of everything, instantly. Your staff and managers will love it as much as you. * Time off requested and approved online - no paperwork, just email notifications.* Calendars constantly updated* Annual Leave tracked and reconciled instantly* Downloadable reports The Timetastic + Slack integration will post a daily summary to your chosen Slack channel each morning showing you who is off today. Start your 3 month free trial at https://www.timetastic.co.uk

LawTrades (Slackbot)

LawTrades helps you complete legal work effortlessly. Just tell it your legal situation and we'll connect you with a vetted business attorney inside Slack. Get upfront price quotes, schedule appointments, receive reminders, and more.

Motivosity (Slackbot)

Motivosity is peer-to-peer recognition software (also known as social recognition software) designed for companies that are serious about driving company culture. We help you celebrate the good things that happen every day, as well as congratulate and show gratitude for the achievements and accomplishments of your team members. Motivosity will allow Slack users to say thanks, give appreciations, and reward one another with peer-to-peer bonuses – all from within Slack. Think of Motivosity as the operating system for culture. Motivosity is free for Slack users for the first 12 months.

Uppercase (Slackbot)

The integration is centered around the Goal setting & feedback functionality that our app provides. Once the integration is configured it provides three classes of notifications: * Managers will receive notifications about new goals, goal updates and comments made by their reports. * Employees will receive notifications about new goals, goal updates and comments made by their managers. * If an employee has not created any goals, or a goal has been inactive for a long period of time they will also receive a notification. Since users may want to keep this information private we recommend to them that they use a private channel like @slackbot.

CATS (Slackbot)

Never miss a new applicant again! With our Slack integration you can have notifications sent to a channel of your choice. Notices will include name, job applied to, and a link directly to the candidate's profile for quick & easy review.

Lever (Slackbot)

Lever’s Slack integration makes it easy to engage your entire team in the hiring process. From the Lever app, users can post announcements to Slack channels through #mention notes on individual candidate profiles. Using a #mention will automatically push the contents of the note, along with a candidate overview, to the specified Slack channel. This functionality allows users of Lever and Slack to: - Share a promising new applicant - Remind interviewers to leave feedback - Start a quick hiring huddle to determine next-steps - Change plans quickly while a candidate is onsite - Announce to the entire team when a candidate signs an offer Setting up the integration is easy using the Slack button. Any account administrator can authorize your team’s Slack account from Lever’s integrations page. After doing so, you’ll have the chance to select exactly which Slack channels you’d like to post messages to from within Lever. Then, the next time you’re writing a note in Lever, simply type "#slack" to see a list of enabled Slack channels to which you can push your note.

Staff Squared (Slackbot)

Staff Squared's Slack integration will post a daily update into the channel of your choice. The update will include who's out of the office for the next two days, the reason they are absent (be it holiday, sickness or a team meeting) and the date they will return. This allows you easily track absence in your company without having to dig through emails or log onto the Staff Squared website.

absence.io (Slackbot)

absence.io's Slack integration is perfect for keeping track of your teams vacation and leave. It can post a daily overview of who is absent, why, and when they will be back.  In addition you get slash commands, which you can use for viewing absences instantaneously. Furthermore you will soon be able to call in sick with a simple slash command. Stay tuned....

JustReply (Slackbot)

JustReply makes time tracking for teams simple but powerful, leveraging applications that you already use every day for such as email and Slack.  No new application to install and learn, simply interact with JustReply through email or Slack, with optional daily reminders and team digest notifications.

Flow XO

Connect your cloud apps together into automated workflows. Workflows run through your existing apps and email, no new tools to learn. Our simple workflow designer is easy, fast and fun - even for novice users.  Use Flow XO for marketing, on-boarding, up-selling and renewals & retention. 


Receptiviti enables AI platforms with emotional intelligence by analyzing natural language, tweets, email, IM, chat and voice to reveal people’s psychology, personality, decision-making style and emotions in real-time.


Kik Messenger, also called Kik, is an instant messenger application (app) for mobile devices from Kik Interactive, available free of charge on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems. Kik Messenger is modeled after BlackBerry Messenger. It uses a smartphone's data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages, photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages, and other content after users register a username.


Discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers around the globe. Yammer gives your team a faster, smarter way to connect and collaborate across your company.

Coffee Runner (Slackbot)

Coffee Runner adds a slash command for your slack team to organize coffee runs in channels. If you're going to get coffee, coffee runner will tell everyone about it and collect their orders. Once you're at the shop, check what everyone wants and let them know when you get back.

Envoy (Slackbot)

At Envoy we’re on a mission to bring increased efficiency, security and delight to your front desk. Replace your sign-in book with our customizable iPad app and start welcoming your guests in a whole new way.  Automatically notify hosts when visitors arrive      Easily print custom designed visitor badges. Sign-in unlimited visitors across multiple locations. Skip legal hassles by signing NDAs or other waivers via iPad. Welcome guests around the world with 17 available languagesOur visitor registration product is used by today's most innovative brands including: Box, Shopify, GoPro, Airbnb, Pandora, Yahoo and Yelp. Start your two week free trial of Envoy today by visiting www.envoy.com.

Biztera (Slackbot)

Users of Biztera send each other approval requests within their Biztera organizations. For example, offices use Biztera to authorize payments. You can integrate with Slack so that when an approval request is created, approved, or denied in your organization, a message is sent from us to notify your Slack channel. You can also create, approve, deny requests directly in Slack: /request @johnsmith --title Buy tablets Sends a request Buy tablets to  @johnsmith. /request @johnsmith --title Buy tablets --description Replace the Denver team's outdated tablets. --due 11/21/2017 Sends a request Buy tablets to  @johnsmith with some details and a decision due date. /approve 1 Approves request number 1. /deny 1 Denies request number 1.

TalkLife Connect (Slackbot)

TalkLife Connect provides online therapy for your teams. We connect you with accredited and experienced Therapists via Slack direct messaging. We’ve made it super easy for people to reach out. Just type the command /therapist to get talking. Whether it’s personal or work-related, this is your space to open up in confidence. Allow yourself to talk and work things out mentally before they impact your productivity. Now is the time to get your team talking!

Welkio (Slackbot)

Welkio is a fast and friendly visitor sign-in for your office. Collect names, photos, and signatures from your visitors. When a visitor signs in with Welkio and selects a host, the team member will receive a direct notification via Slack informing them that their guest has arrived.

/Expense (Slackbot)

We built this integration so you can easily track your expenses without ever leaving slack! All you have to do is type in /expense $ amount & description and we will store it and have it ready for when you want a report. To grab the expense report simply type /expense report!

Meekan Scheduling Assistant (Slackbot)

Meekan matches everyone’s calendars, and quickly finds common free times. Add our robot to any of your Slack channels,  and just ask for a new meeting:Meekan, schedule a team meeting tomorrow afternoon, and find us a roomMeekan, how busy am I on Thursday?Meekan, reschedule my 1pmIt all works (+Double booking alerts, RSVPs, Flight checks, everything. All from inside Slack) Works with Google, iCloud and Office365 Calendars (Outlook/Exchange coming soon)

Tatsu (Slackbot)

This Slack integration allows a team (channel in Slack) to perform standup meetings. It is a bot that looks at all the participants in the channel and asks them configurable questions one at a time. The responses are saved and reported back to them through the Tatsu app or via email.

Kip (Slackbot)

Save time by letting Kip do the shopping for you and your team! What are you looking for? Something similar, but cheaper? Kip will help you find exactly what you’re looking for online, and help you buy it with a single click. Buying for a large team? Easy! Just add Kip to your channel, and chat at @Kip to find items for everyone and get it for your team. No more collecting individual orders, and copy-pasting results. Chat directly to Kip to find things you need and shop for yourself. Make team and personal shopping easy with Kip.

Manifestly (Slackbot)

Manifestly is a team-based checklist service that improves collaboration and accountability in your organization's recurring processes.   With Manifestly, you can create unlimited checklist templates (or SOPs),  assign these checklist runs to multiple people, schedule runs to recur on specific days of the week or month, or automatically launch checklist runs based on activity in 100's of cloud based services.   This integration allows you to easily retrieve a list of your team's checklist templates (using /checklists), view a list of checklist runs in-progress (using /runs), receive real-time slack notifications of any late runs, and a daily slack notification of any in-progress checklist runs.

Package Zen (Slackbot)

Package Zen makes receiving and managing deliveries simple. Gone are the days of the hassle of paper logs or manual emails letting people know they have a delivery waiting for them. With just a simple photo of the label, Package Zen automatically identifies who the delivery is intended for and notifies them automatically via email, SMS or now — Slack!

Cronofy Calendar Connector (Slackbot)

Integrate your calendars with Slack no matter whether they're Apple, Office365, Google, Exchange or Outlook.com. Post reminders before an event starts Post updates when an event is changed Now also with the /cronofy command to allow you to get a summary for any day.

TeamInk (Slackbot)

Need a simple tool for creating and collaborating on documents? TeamInk is a Markdown based text editor, and allows you to create, search and collaborate on documents directly from Slack! On-boarding couldn't be easier. Just install the Slack app (which creates a TeamInk account for your team) and signup with /ink signup <email>. A few available commands: /ink create <title> <content> Creates a new page named <title>. Content is optional and must be enclosed in quotes. /ink search <term> Searches for a page containing the words <term>. /ink assign @<username> <page> <msg> Assigns the page named <page> to the user named <username>. The message is optional and must be enclosed in quotes. /ink publish <page> Makes the page named <page> public and returns its URL. Learn other commands with /ink helpor visit https://teamink.co/faq

Flow XO (Slackbot)

Flow XO lets you automate repetitive work through triggers and tasks. Each trigger can start many tasks and you can even wait between tasks. Use Flow XO for marketing, on-boarding, up-selling and renewals & retention.

Harmonia (Slackbot)

Harmonia helps your team work better, together, by sharing responsibility to recurring and one-off tasks around the whole team. By automatically and fairly distributing responsibilities, everyone in the team pitches in. Assignments are visible to everyone via email and/or Slack, so there's never any doubt who is responsible.

HourStack (Slackbot)

HourStack is a simple time tracking and resource allocation tool for individuals and teams that integrates directly with Slack. With HourStack you can track time using slash commands from any channel, for example with the command /hourstack start meeting. You can also plan your week and allocate you and your team's time using the simple and intuitive interface, along with listing all the items you have to work on today with the command /hourstack list. Full list of commands:   /hourstack start [entry name] - Starts a timer by name   /hourstack stop - Stops all timers.   /hourstack list - Lists all the entries for today.   /hourstack stats - Provides statistics on how you spend your time.   /hourstack help - Lists all commands currently available Start owning your week with HourStack and the Slack integration.

Visjar (Slackbot)

I'm a perfect assistant in daily tasks, such as finding places to eat, fetching for some news or getting the weather...You can speak with me like you usually speak with your folks, I will understand and make what you want :)

Brisby! (Slackbot)

When a new member joins your team, they may have some common questions. Brisby can help you answer them so you don't have to! You can teach Brisby by asking questions and then providing an answer. The next time someone asks that question to Brisby it will give that answer.

Nurtz (Slackbot)

Get a good human professional editor who will swiftly refine and polish your textwithout having to leave your Slack window. Anyone on your team can drop Nurtz bot a line. And it will gladly proofread your email, tweet, google drive document or any other text bit. As soon as it's ready, almost real-time, Nurtz will message back an edited copy automatically.

Pogo (Slackbot)

Pogo is your team’s memory bot - he’ll help you save and retrieve lists of links you want to keep track of. If your team has loads of information you’re always trying to find and bookmark, like onboarding docs for new employees, sales spreadsheets or any link to your company’s internal wiki, then Pogo’s your bot! He’ll help you bring all your company’s knowledge inside Slack. With Pogo, your team can instantly save lists of links to any of these documents. Whenever anyone needs a list, you can quickly resurface it with Pogo in Slack.

safelink.io (Slackbot)

In 30 seconds or less, safelink.io bot lets you securely email sensitive text and important files without requiring user registration and login. Simply message me your text, upload a file and I'll generate a link encrypted with your recipient's phone number for PIN authentication. Oh and after 24 hours, everything goes POOF.

Turbot (Slackbot)

Turbot is slack-bot that acts as your investment assistant and helps you boost your productivity in acquiring financial information. Backed by its own machine-learning financial news crawler (tmdr.io), Turbot is able to answer your questions on stock price, industry overview,  company fundamentals, relative value comparison and so on. It can also analyse news sentiments, make smart summaries of news, let you subscribe news of your stocks and put them onto watch list so you'll get timely update right in your channel. Of course you can also read some latest news straight away using its commands. Its goal is to turbo how you acquire financial information and help you make decision more efficiently. At this very early stage it only covers US equities, and advanced valuation functions are only available to a selected number of users. But we're adding coverage (more stocks, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities) and opening more functions.

Blockspring (Slackbot)

Blockspring lets you configure your own Slash Command to do things like pull reports from Google Analytics, search Bing, YouTube, or Wikipedia, and even send emails, Tweets, and more.

buttonwood (Slackbot)

Provides stock quotes whenever a cash tag (ex. $AAPL) is mentioned in a channel that buttonwood is in, or when mentioning or directly talking to buttonwood.  Provides the ability to save your favorite stock quotes to a portfolio to track your investments and retrieve them with slash commands privately: /quote: provide stock quotes/quote_detailed: provide detailed stock quotes/quote_add: add stock symbols to your portfolio/quote_list: view your portfolio/quote_remove: remove stock symbols from your portfolio Supports North American (NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX) and some European stock markets. Provides links to Yahoo Finance as part of the quote. In future, we'd like to provide news about the economy, and alerts on your portfolio. Check out help page for more information.

Channel Time (Slackbot)

Don't ask if that the time is in your time zone or your teammate's time zone. Start a message with /time and Channel Time will automatically parse your message to convert the time for everybody in the room. Typing /time Call me at 11am will send the message Call me at 11am (08:00 PST, 11:00 EST) if your team is distributed between the West Coast and the East Coast.

Figma (Slackbot)

Figma is a collaborative interface design tool.  Our aim is to combine the power of legacy programs like Illustrator with the collaborative flexibility of web apps like Google Docs.  You can do vector-based UI design, editing, commenting, sharing, and storing all in one place -- in the browser.  When you connect Figma to Slack, you are able to create a shared team space and maintain a directory of team files that is constantly up-to-date, with version history for every file. Anyone with access to the shared space can access and comment on files. Only people within your Slack team can ever see files created in the team space, adding extra security to files. Within the team space you can also share components, such as a color library. You can also configure the integration to notify channels on updates to your files.

GetResponse (Slackbot)

With the GetResponse-Slack integration, you can receive notifications on one or more channels to keep you updated on: Subscribes and unsubscribes - notice contains the subscriber’s name, email address, and a link to a GetResponse contact search. Newsletter send is complete
 - notice includes a link to an analytics page with instant information on campaign performance. Opens and clicks during the first 24 hours after you sent a newsletter - notice includes the click and open rate for the first 24 hours of a newsletter. Opens and clicks for a selected campaign - a live view of campaign performance. The frequency of notifications depends on the type of message and the activity level within your campaign. You can receive a notice with an hourly summary or every time someone subscribes or unsubscribes. You can also change your settings to receive no notifications until there is a new open or click. When the newsletter send is complete, you can get a notice instantly or if you prefer 24 hours later.

Ivyleads (Slackbot)

Ivyleads is the ultimate sales tool built to work with Slack. Add leads right from within Slack and say goodbye to email notifications. Simply check your Slack channel to see what's going on. Stacking a sales funnel was never easier.

Mention (Slackbot)

Mention is a powerful but ultra-simple media monitoring tool. Don't miss anything said about your brand, industry, or competitor online - get real-time alerts when there's a conversation happening that you need to know about. Slack Integration Powers: - Get real-time alerts without flooding your team with notifications: choose to receive everything, or just mentions from influential sources (select a minimum influencer score).- See the big picture: add daily recap messages to get a digest of important stats from the day before.

MetaCert (Slackbot)

We see a world where people aren't afraid of clicking on the wrong link and logging into the wrong website. This security integration will protect your users from malicious web links before harm can be done to their phone or your corporate network. You can choose between Phishing & Malware and Pornography. Even if your users are out of the office and using their own mobile device, MetaCert works silently in the background, monitoring messages for potential threats. You will only see an alert when it’s absolutely necessary. ---------------------------- Takes just 30 seconds This integration takes just 30 seconds to install and automatically works across Slack for desktop and mobile devices. You won’t have to worry about users exchanging sensitive corporate information on their mobile while out of the office.

Nest Connector (Slackbot)

Use your Nest Thermostat from Slack! Set home/away, temperature, use multiple Nest Thermostats, multiple homes, all using Slack commands.

OneChannel (Slackbot)

OneChannel is an iOS app to connect to a single Slack channel. Post to a channel in one tap. It's the fastest way to post a message to Slack from anywhere on iOS.

Relcy (Slackbot)

Relcy is a search engine with an index of hundreds of millions of top local places, movies, tv shows, songs, and celebrities. It brings app action links such as ordering delivery, listening to songs, getting movie tickets, and dozens of others directly into the search results. Relcy also supports layered search queries such as "movies starring tom cruise on netflix." By integrating into Slack, users will be able to find what they need, instantly, and share it with their team members, and take actions, all from within Slack. For example, someone can type "/relcy italian restaurants near 155 5th st, san francisco" in a channel and everyone can see the results. Every search result contains a link to its web card, with rich details and several app action links.

Shopbot (Slackbot)

Shopbot is the best way to shop without leaving Slack. Simply type /shop [anything] and Shopbot will get you the best products online. Amazon is supported today but Shopify, Etsy, and others are coming soon to give more variety. Shopbot is on a mission to rid Slack users of that ridiculous new tab friction.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  We need that selfie stick now, so don't break our flow.  Also useful for the product version of let me google that for you when a co-worker says they can't find a cheap lamp or don't have time to shop - try it, it's very satisfying. After installing Shopbot, simply: - /shop blue hover boards (get blue hover boards)- /shop cup pricemax:20 (only cups <= $20)- /shop country:US (set to US or CA) Learn more at https://myshopbot.ca

Slash Photo (Slackbot)

Find beautiful royalty free stock photos directly in Slack using a huge (and growing) library of photos from Unsplash and Shutterstock.

StockTwits (Slackbot)

Stocktwits is the largest community of investors and traders working together to beat the markets. With the Stocktwits Slack integration you get real-time quotes as well as market sentiment and a fun gif. Any member of your Slack team can pull up a stock quote. using the slash command ex. “/Stocktwits AAPL”.

Wake (Slackbot)

Wake makes it super easy for designers to share work and collect feedback from their team. It's the fastest way to get ideas out of your design tools and in front of your team. Share your Photoshop and Sketch artboards directly to Slack with just a keyboard shortcut.

Workflow (Slackbot)

Workflow is an iOS app that automates tasks you do every day. You can create workflows by dragging and dropping actions together. For example, you can build a workflow with the actions "Get Latest Photo" and "Post to Slack", and it will post the last photo you took to Slack. Our "Post to Slack" action posts on behalf of the user, because workflows are explicitly run by users from our iOS app.

ZipBooks (Slackbot)

The latest in free cloud accounting software: ZipBooks automates many of the more tedious aspects of handling your finances. Cloud accounting tools like time tracking, online invoicing, project management, and auto-billing make it easy to keep better records. Our Slack integration allows you to record expenses from chat into your ZipBooks account. You don't ever have to leave Slack again!

Zoho Books (Slackbot)

With Zoho Books, you and your team can receive notifications in Slack when customers accept estimates, view invoices, or make payments. Zoho Books helps you generate invoices, track income and expenses, trace every item in the inventory and automate business workflows. With Zoho Books, you can also - Log time for projects, create estimates, and get bank feeds.- Monitor your business's performance with extensive reporting.- Invite your customers to the Client Portal, where they can access their estimates,  invoices, make payments, and collaborate with you.

Zoho Invoice (Slackbot)

With Zoho Invoice, you and your team can receive notifications in Slack when customers accept estimates, view invoices, or make payments. Zoho Invoice helps you craft beautiful invoices, automatically send customers payment reminders, and get paid online. With Zoho Invoice, you can also - Log time for projects, set budgets, and  assign tasks to your staff.- Upload pictures of your expense receipts and record billable expenses.- Invite your customers to the Client Portal, where they can access their estimates, invoices, make payments, and collaborate with you.

ZootRock (Slackbot)

ZootRock posts content (text, articles and images) to a user's Slack channel or if they choose to, their own Slackbot. Users can choose to post as themselves or as ZootRock's bot.

Arc9 (Slackbot)

Arc 9 is a customizable cloud collaboration application that enables creative teams to connect, manage and collaborate globally, internally, with vendors and privately withclients. Manage, Share, Review/Approval and Presentation in one simple to use application. Manage Assets Projects Teams Clients Share Files with version control and compare Review and Approval for all media Robust annotation tools to communicate creative vision on every frame of a video, audio file or GIF and on the smallest detail of design files and images. Presentation Custom presentation with multiple templates for review and approval, to pitch new work or showcase creative content. Workflow Arc 9 optimizes creative workflow from concept through delivery with integration: Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Final Cut, Dropbox, Box and Vimeo Arc 9 + Slack syncs your creative project collaboration to your team Slack channels to get all of your creative project collaboration in one place.The integration of Slack allows every action in Arc 9 to sync to your Slack channels and manage all your creative work in one place. Every action in Arc 9 from uploads, reviews, and approvals is posted and your team is notified via Slack on any device, so your team knows what is going on and what is next. Team members can click to preview thumbnails or click on the title and go directly to Arc 9 to reply, add comments, download files and more.

ClickMeeting (Slackbot)

Meet and collaborate with partners and clients using ClickMeeting webinar platform. Connect from any browser, share your screen with a single click and record you meetings. Upload and share your documents with your attendees. After installation, simply type /cm in your chat window. A new room will be created instantly and all users in the channel will see its URL. You can also type /cm ? for more information on how to use ClickMeeting.

Ideabot (Slackbot)

Save any idea from right within Slack by typing this: /idea my brilliant idea Whenever you want to find it again, or search for other similar ideas, you can do this to get a list of ideas that have been submitted in the past: /idea -search brilliant Every idea is saved and public only to people on your team. They can be commented on, upvoted, and easily found again at any time.

Kifi (Slackbot)

Featured as a top app by Slack Developers in Slack's App Directory! Save links shared in messagesLinks shared within Slack channels are automatically saved or kept.  Kifi creates a full-text index of every web page shared, making them easier to find in Slack, Google search, & on Kifi. Search is integrated with Slack & Google        °   Search on Slack.    Any member of your Slack team can search all links messaged using the slash command /kifi search term      °   Search on Google.  Search for anything deep within a page & Kifi will get you back to where colleagues were talking about it on Slack using the browser add-on Send your keeps to a Slack channelKeeps in a particular library can automatically be sent to a channel on Slack.  Seamlessly share the pages you find keep-worthy with your teammates. With Kifi's integration, you'll never lose the links among the hundred of messages your team sends via slack.

Limnu (Slackbot)

Limnu is the online whiteboard you’ve been looking for. Sketch, share, collaborate, and brainstorm with your remote team like never before. Have you ever tried to communicate something complex... but only using words? Of course you have. Sometimes you need a picture. Even the simplest drawing can make all the difference. This integration allows you to create a Limnu whiteboard from any Slack channel, private group, or direct message using the /limnu slash command. Note: This integration requires an active Limnu account (paid or free trial).

Quickchat (Slackbot)

Quickchat lets you start a realtime HD video chat instantly from Slack. There is no application or plugin to download and install. It is the fastest way to start talking to anyone using Slack. Just use the /quickchat slash command to send your Slack team member a shared chat link. When they click on the link, you can start talking. No need for them to add you to a buddy list or contact list. NOTE: Please ensure you're using the same email address in both Slack and Quickchat.

RSS Fox (Slackbot)

Advanced RSS integration allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack.Feeds will be fetched periodically, and new items will be posted to the specified channel. After the install, simply use /rss admin to add more feeds.

Scatterdot (Slackbot)

Upload or link to a photo, screenshot, chart, diagram or any other picture you'd like to talk about. Then point at things in the picture and discuss with others on the team .

Skype (Slackbot)

Skype lets you move your work conversations into a free group call with your team. Simply use the /skype command to start the voice or video call.

Slackline (Slackbot)

Do you need to collaborate with a client or a partner? Break down the barriers and share a channel with them using Slackline. You will be able to create shared channels you can use to work more efficiently with other teams.

Status Hero (Slackbot)

Status Hero is a set it and forget it tool for tracking and visualizing daily goals and status updates. Your team members check-in by responding to the friendly @statushero bot, and beautiful status reports, including participation and goal completion metrics, are compiled and broadcast to the #channel of your choice. You'll be able to compare goals against actual accomplishments, eliminate cumbersome standup meetings, and jump on blocking issues that prevent your team from getting stuff done.

TMail21 (Slackbot)

TMail21 is an asynchronous communication platform for teams. It enables collaboration, Tasks, processes and commerce right within powerful discussion threads. Slack and TMail21 are the perfect complement to each other. Chat with your teammates in Slack and use TMail21 when you want to spin off powerful discussion threads. Because TMail21 threads are designed for asynchronous situations they are great when users are in different time zones, or unavailable at the same time or need to give considered responses to a thread comment.

UberConference (Slackbot)

UberConference fixes all the broken and outdated aspects of traditional conference calling, giving you a simple and pain-free way to schedule and run audio conferences and online meetings without the hassle of PIN numbers, contracts, or downloads. Easily join an UberConference call from your browser or from any phone, with unlimited conferencing minutes, international calling, one-click call controls, and more. This integration lets you use the /uberconference slash command to instantly start an UberConference call from your channel, making it simple for others to join.

Ace (Slackbot)

Ace is a bot that helps you and your team manage daily todo's and action items more efficiently. Add new tasks, list out your open tasks, close tasks on the go or assign tasks to your teammates. Supercharged with the added ability to run polls within your team, Ace is the one bot that you need to help you get stuff done. Ace lives in your Slack - this means you never have to leave slack. All your tasks, your polls and results are available within your team at any given time. Getting tasks done is now as easy as a conversation with a team member.

Felix bot (Slackbot)

Felix helps you stay focused on the tasks that really matter to you today. Just tell him your top goals for today, and then cross them off your list as your day advances. It's a small action, but a great productivity boost. Felix only works for those who DM him. Not a team todo list, it helps you plan your day effectively. Every weekday, Felix will remind you at the beginning of your day and when you are online to do a quick planning of your day. Commands available:- start to start your day.- add to add more tasks to your day, such as add Send Q1 financial report.- show to see today's work.- done after completing a task, such as done 1.- done all to mark all today's tasks as done.- settings to update some of my config, such as the morning ping- feedback to give Felix feedback, such as feedback Send me weekly summaries

Roundtable (Slackbot)

Roundtable enables beautiful, one-click project updates for flat, productive teams. When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the whole team knows what's going on and who needs help. Share what you're working on - it helps YOU be focused on what matters to your day, and it help YOUR TEAMMATES too. Daily updates are designed to be as fast as possible: just one click on an emoji, and you're good. You can add an optional sentence as well.

Standup Bot (Slackbot)

Automated Standups for Slack Channels Standup Bot identifies your team’s daily tasks and roadblocks. It runs your meeting for you by automatically asking your team three daily standup questions. At the conclusion of each meeting, Standup Bot creates and emails a report to your team members. Regardless of whether you're using web or mobile, Standup Bot saves you time, identifies blockers, and gets your team on the same page, so you can get back to work.

/todo (Slackbot)

With /todo  each channel or private conversation has it's own to-do list that any of the participants can read, add or remove items. /todo makes it easy for team to manage their to-do list as you can assign users to each taks. Type /mytodo and you will be able to see all the tasks across different channels where you have been assigned as well as create your own personal tasks. Learn more Some of the available commands: /todo prepare client proposal Adds prepare client proposal to the channel to-do list. /todo list Shows the to-do list of the channel /todo done 1 Marks task number 1 as done. /todo assign 1 @johnsmith Adds @johnsmith to the task number 1. /mytodo Manage your personal to-do list and view the tasks you are assigned to. List of all commands

Aha! (Slackbot)

This integration allows product managers using Aha! to share product, idea and roadmap updates with other Slack users. Activity in an Aha! account can be sent into one or more Slack channels. Aha! activity can be filtered to just the relevant activity based on product, user or record types.

Airtable (Slackbot)

Airtable is the easy way to create your own organizational databases. From nonprofits to cattle farmers, everyone is using Airtable to stay organized. Use Airtable to share survey forms and manage entries, track collections or ideas, and manage customers or contacts — all in one place. Get started instantly with a variety of templates ranging from store inventory to applicant management, or easily piece together your own layout from scratch. Airtable seamlessly integrates with Slack to automatically post a message when anyone makes changes to your databases, complete with a link to jump straight to the changed content.

Device Magic (Slackbot)

Device Magic makes collecting data simple by allowing you to create and distribute mobile forms to your team’s Apple and Android devices. Our web-based custom form builder makes creating mobile forms for your business easy, so you can accurately and efficiently collect the data you need. Use Device Magic to complete checklists, surveys, inspections, site reviews, trip logs, equipment checks, or any other job conducted “in the field”. Utilize Device Magic integrations with Slack, Google Docs, Box, Amazon S3, and others to submit the data you collect directly into your existing systems. The Device Magic integration with Slack allows you to post the submission data you’ve collected via the forms on your mobile device directly to your Slack channels in a variety of formats. Device Magic improves data quality, integrity, and security, while reducing the hassle of processing thousands of pieces of paper. Our integrations and features make it easy to automatically build workflows and communications rules that keep your team in the loop. What are you waiting for? It's time to streamline your business with Device Magic and Slack.

Do (Slackbot)

Do.com helps people run productive meetings. By connecting to your calendar, Slack, and other work tools, Do makes it easy to set an agenda, take notes, and track followups. As a result, you have less meetings, shorter meetings, and better outcomes as a company. Specifically, from a meeting page, you can set the agenda beforehand and have it posted to any Slack channel where others can review it so they are prepared. After the meeting, post the meeting via Do + Slack so everyone is clear on the outcomes and followups.

Favro (Slackbot)

Favro is a simple but powerful app for collaborating the way it's actually done. Favro lets anyone easily organize and track tasks for themselves, for a small team or for thousands of people distributed across continents. It scales when you need it to, but remains simple to use. Once configured in Favro, the Slack integration will post updates to the chosen channel. The integration to Slack can be configured within Favro to specify which notifications are posted. For example, whether to post notifications from a board or only from a chosen column.

Geekbot (Slackbot)

Geekbot sets up asynchronous standup meetings inside slack. Organise a meeting with the members you prefer and geekbot will pm them a set of questions. It will then post the answers to a broadcast channel of your choice and everyone will stay synced. Add geekbot and boost your team’s productivity, it only takes a minute to set up.

MeisterTask (Slackbot)

Our Slack integration is bi-directional: the inbound integration sends messages to a Slack channel whenever a task is created or dropped in a section (lane) in MeisterTask, whereas the outbound integration lets you insert tasks into a MeisterTask project directly from a Slack channel. Using our Section Actions feature, project administrators can set up rules to send messages to a specific Slack channel whenever users move a task into a section, or create it there. The messages include all required metadata such as title, description, assignee as well as a link back to the task in MeisterTask. This is very useful for keeping team members informed about e.g. a new feature that is ready for review (i.e. has been moved to the Review lane), or a bug that has been fixed. In the other direction, users can add tasks to a MeisterTask project directly from a Slack channel, including description, tags and assignee. On setup, the admin connects a Slack channel with a MeisterTask project and section. Using a simple syntax, users can then post new tasks / bugs / feature ideas directly from that channel. A confirmation message will be shown on the Slack channel after creation of the task and the task in MeisterTask will contain a link back to the exact point in the Slack conversation where it was created from. Syntax and Example: ``` /mt task title[: description][@assignee][@watcher][+checklist item][+checklist item] /mt iPad improvements +Fix landscape mode +Support touch ID @Oliver ```

Open Agora (Slackbot)

Open Agora extends Slack with a simple and effective polling system. It allows to create polls in Slack channels, and displays the results as inline bar or pie charts. Anyone can add new options during the vote, and users may also adjust their votes during the poll (for more features, see our support page). The application configures a /poll command for you. Privacy being one of our main concerns, you will not need to give this command any access to your channels. For more details on the /poll command, type /poll help or visit the support page.

Perdoo (Slackbot)

Perdoo is a goal management platform and the ultimate OKR tool. This integration will post to a Slack channel when users update their OKRs. Specifically, you'll be notified about any new OKRs, progress updates or comments in your account.

PixelKit (Slackbot)

PixelKit is a happy place for all of your team's design work. It's a simple way to share, discuss and find all of your team's designs. Connecting PixelKit to Slack enables a number of neat features:Notifications in Slack any time someone leaves feedback on your designs Respond directly to Slack notifications to add comments in PixelKit or discuss a design. Your team can leave feedback in either PixelKit or Slack and everything will be recorded alongside your design work. Slash commands allow you to search through all of your team's design work, post links to your designs or share other people's work. Any time your designs are shared or discussed within Slack, PixelKit adds a link back to the conversation. That way you can always find and remember what people said about your design work when it's time to make updates.

Redbooth (Slackbot)

With Redbooth and Slack integrated, collaborate and manage projects like never before. Redbooth is project management software reinvented. Get real-time updates of your project's progress in Slack. Give your team a central hub for Tasks and improved planning. Empower your team to keep projects on track. Gain valuable insights into team performance: evaluate trends, strategically allocate work, and identify at-risk initiatives early. Stay in the loop when you’re on the road with sleek mobile iPhone, iPad, and Android apps — never miss an important update again.

Screenful Agile (Slackbot)

Screenful is the easiest way to visualise and share your project progress. It connects to your task tracking tool (Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker) and creates awesome dashboards & visual reports to share with your team, and with external stakeholders. With this Slack integration, your team gets a weekly digest sent to their chosen Slack channel every Monday. from the digest you'll see: What was completed last week Which tasks are currently in progress Which are the highest priority tasks in the backlog (next up) The velocity trend for the last 10 weeks It's a great way to keep everyone informed about the team status!

Simple Poll (Slackbot)

A revolutionary slack app that allows you to create native simple polls right within Slack.   This is a simple slash command that let's you create polls in a very convenient manner. Once installed, just type /poll Poll question? Option1 Option2 Option3 and a poll will be created for you.   For more information type /poll or visit https://simplepoll.rocks Requested OAuth scopes explained: Add Commands: This is so we can implement the /poll slash command.Send messages as Simple Poll: This is so we can post polls in the chat.Modify your emoji reactions: This is so we can initialize the various options. The code lives here: https://github.com/xoneco/simple-pollTwitter: https://twitter.com/simplepoll

Solid (Slackbot)

Solid helps you automate the repetitive parts of your meetings. Use the Solid bot to manage your meetings directly from Slack. List your upcoming meetings and quickly add notes to prepare them in advance.Never spend one more minute worrying about sharing the meeting agenda and notes with other attendees, Solid takes care of it for you.

Tomatobot (Slackbot)

Tomatobot is a set of simple commands to add useful tools to track your work using the Pomodoro method. Start work, and receive a message when it's time to take a break, record your distractions, so you can forget about them until the next break, and record and review exactly what you've been working on.

WorkingOn (Slackbot)

Using Slack and WorkingOn together provides teams with a one-two punch in maximizing efficiency and providing passive transparency to the work that’s being done. WorkingOn is a minimalistic progress tracker for teams. When team members post their updates to WorkingOn, the Slack integration publishes these updates to a dedicated channel. This offers another way to see what is happening in real time, be motivated by the work being done, avoid project duplication, and chime in to offer help. WorkingOn also offers a /on command that allows team members to post their updates to WorkingOn from Slack no matter where they are.

Wunderlist (Slackbot)

Wunderlist is a collaborative Tasks tool. This integration will post notifications when you update and complete tasks in a selected list. You can view the tasks in your configured Wunderlist list by entering /wunderlist tasks in the message box in Slack and create tasks to your Wunderlist Inbox by entering /wunderlist add [your task] or just /wunderlist [your task]. To see all of the commands you can use with Wunderlist, enter /wunderlist help in the message box.

Convergely (Slackbot)

Convergely enables users to boost their workflow and help their teams to have a more dynamic communication. With Convergely you can: - schedule messages for unique or recurring future deliveries - setup auto-responders - assign tasks - annotate images - create simple polls

HeyUpdate (Slackbot)

HeyUpdate is a tool to keep your team in sync. It does this by gathering activity from the services you already use and asks team members to write short updates each day to add extra context. A simple but effective method that helps teams get things done. The Slack integration posts a summary of your team's updates into a channel and sends direct message reminders to users to ask them to write an update.

Jell (Slackbot)

Jell offers one central place where team members can share daily plans, accomplishments, challenges and long-term goals. Each weekday, you start the day by answering the three core questions of every standup:- What did you accomplish yesterday?- What are you planning to do today?- What challenges stand in your way?When you post your status, Jell distributes this information to your team and Slack channel. Everyone stays in sync and updated on progress—all while removing meetings from calendars and emails from inboxes.

KOMASO (Slackbot)

Komaso is a premium quality HD audio/video/screen sharing service.   Go from /komaso to a multiparty meeting with screen sharing in less than 15 seconds. Channel integration sends back details about your meeting such as how long you discussed topics, who was there, decisions made, and follow-ups to complete. No user accounts, passwords, or hassle.  Invite non-slack users to the meeting with a simple URL.   No commitment.  Pay-as-you-go with a single account owner/admin and any team member can start and host meetings.   We automagically create the KOMASO admin account based on the email in your Slack account—you just have to confirm it by setting a password.

Kyber - To-do & calendar on Slack (Slackbot)

Kyber is the only native Slack app that lets you check and update your calendars, to-dos, reminders without leaving Slack! You can also assign tasks to teammates and invite them to meetings or shared task list: all with simple, natural messages that contains task name, time, location, checklist and more. Kyber integrates with IFTTT, so you can add tasks to your list from any other app (e.g. a starred email on Gmail or Outlook, an issue assigned on Github, a card created on Trello, etc.) or record your completed tasks on Evernote, Google spreadsheet, Microsoft OneNote. Tutorial here:  https://on.kyber.me/1SJ4VCUShort video here: https://youtu.be/Ttzdxbpo9WI More details:1. Check and update your calendar, to-dos, and reminders planned for the day or the week. When a task is done, mark it completed.2. Assign tasks to each other with a simple message. When you complete a task the sender is automatically notified.3. Invite one or more people, or an entire channel, to a meeting and sync it to everyone's calendar. Kyber syncs with any calendar: Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 Calendar, Yahoo, anything. Kyber replaces Wunderlist, Asana, Pivotal Tracker or any other todo list app, with an easy to use, fully featured, native app for Slack. Check the Kyber channel on IFTTT for more integrations https://ifttt.com/kyber

Scalus (Slackbot)

Scalus offers an all-in-one solution for workflow, process automation, and communication helping thousands streamline business operations -- from onboarding its customers to better efficiency for sales and revenue operations.  Scalus allows teams to collaborate on tasks for specific process workflows internally and externally. From Slack, you can work on tasks associated with any process from your business applications such as your CRM, customer support, customer success, human resources, data analytics and others.  Automated notifications into Slack keep you up-to-date with tasks and helps you unclog bottlenecks.

Teamweek (Slackbot)

Teamweek is an online project planner and team calendar that brings some sanity into your workday. It gives you a visual overview of your tasks, helps you react to change fast, collaborate with your team and manage everything intuitively. By the integration with Slack everyone is up to date with all the changes made to their plans.

Worklife - Meeting Assistant (Slackbot)

Never be unprepared for another meeting. The Worklife Slack app connects to your Google or Office365 calendar. It can send you a daily snapshot of your upcoming meetings for the day with the option to add or suggest agenda items. Worklife also sends you a direct message 15 minutes prior to each meeting that includes the agenda along with helpful details on each attendee (including their name, title, and LinkedIn profiles). If desired, attendees can create a free Worklife account to collaborate on notes and action items together during the meeting.

PredictHQ (Slackbot)

PredictHQ is a leading provider of global event intelligence. With PredictHQ's collaborative and advanced notification platform, you can get alerts for upcoming scheduled events like school and public holidays, concerts, conferences and more, as well as real-time events such as natural disasters - all of which can impact your business. Send notifications generated from your PredictHQ saved searches, custom alerts and/or projects into your Slack channel(s). Help your team stay ahead of the curve, through having event visibility available directly in Slack.

Tripnary (Slackbot)

Tripnary is a mobile app that finds you great places to fly on your budget. Tripnary for Slack lets you do the same, inside Slack. With Tripnary, you can search for flights to anywhere or a specific destination and optionally specify a budget. We will scan all the fares to find a match and show you the price and a link to book. It's that simple! Just say /tripnary to get started and see all the possibilities.

Zoho Expense (Slackbot)

With Zoho Expense, your finance team can receive notifications in Slack whenever an expense report is approved or rejected. Zoho Expense automates recording of expenses from receipts, and allows for card transactions to be converted into expenses in just a click. Using Zoho Expense you can: 1. Auto-scan your receipts to create expense entries.2. Import debit/card transactions.3. Create and submit expense reports from anywhere.4. Streamline approvals

Asana (Slackbot)

Asana puts tasks and conversations together so you can get more done with less effort. It's teamwork without email. This integration will allow you to receive updates when a task is created, completed, or commented upon. You can also use the slash command /asana to list tasks, create a task (and assign it to someone), complete a task, and comment on a task. Type /asana help for a list of available commands.

JIRA (Slackbot)

JIRA is a powerful issue tracking service that allows teams to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow their team’s activity. This integration will allow you to receive notifications in Slack when a JIRA issue is created or updated. You can also customize which issue statuses you want to support.

Pivotal Tracker (Slackbot)

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool that shows software teams their work in progress and allows them to track upcoming milestones. This integration will post updates to a channel in Slack whenever a story activity occurs in Pivotal Tracker.

Trello (Slackbot)

Trello is a collaborative task and project management service that uses Lists and Cards to organize your team's projects. This integration will allow you to receive updates in a Slack channel when activity occurs on Trello cards, lists and boards. There are many options below for you to fine-tune which events are posted.

HeyOrca (Slackbot)

HeyOrca helps marketing agencies collaborate and communicate effectively on social media content, whether it is with their clients or internally. With numerous content per week and many clients to manage, details and sometimes important things can be missed. The HeyOrca + Slack integration allows everyone to stay on top of the social media planning process from within Slack and not miss an important client comment or feedback in their mailbox.


Hyper is Hypercard for the modern age, and allows you to make your own mini-apps for mobile and desktop, capture and organize information, and publish on the web.

White Ops

White Ops, Inc. provides online fraud detection solutions. It offers Real Time Dashboard, a solution that enables users to identify, track, and classify automated fraud in real time; and Custom Reporting, a solution that provides traffic analysis reports. The company also provides solutions for that detection of automated or remote access by malware-infected nodes, including fraudulent information access with user credentials, identification of resource-based DDOS, and differentiation between benign and malicious client-based malware. 

MailClark (Slackbot)

MailClark is the email bot of your team. He allows you to both send and receive emails & attachments directly in Slack. Team inboxes & help deskssupport@, jobs@ or sales@your.team, reply to inquiries directly from your channels with MailClark's Front mode. Email groupsYour clients won't use Slack? With MailClark's Group mode, invite them as email members: Slack for your team, emails for them, everybody's :) Send emails whenever you needStop switching between Slack and Gmail or Outlook, email your lawyer directly from #legal. His answer will automatically come up in Slack.

Caller Zen (Slackbot)

Caller Zen helps your customer support team handle inbound phone calls and SMS text messages. When your team creates a Caller Zen account, they receive a custom phone number.  This number can be called to, texted to, or incorporated into an existing phone tree. When integrated with Slack through the Add To Slack button, Caller Zen posts inbound calls and texts to your support/ops channel. Caller Zen also allows your team to reply to customers' text messages directly via Slack through a slash command.

Chatlio (Slackbot)

Chatlio is the first and best app to let you talk to your website visitors and users directly from Slack. Setup takes less than 1 minute and provides you with a chat widget to put anywhere you want on your site. Visitors to your site then can instantly chat with you about pre-sales questions, support issues, etc. while you and your team respond directly from Slack without any additional tools to install or use. Chatlio provides the same great experience you already know from Slack. Features include typing indicators, emojis, code block highlighting, requesting screenshots, identifying your visitors location, browser, and any other custom details about your visitors you provide like email, name, etc. and many, many more.

HappyFox Chat (Slackbot)

HappyFox Chat is the next generation free live chat software for websites, that will help you to provide the best customer support and convert more sales. Built on a high performance technology stack, HappyFox Chat offers an amazing user experience and integrates with third party apps that you already use. It's free for up to 10 support agents and installs in less than 2 minutes!  With free Slack integration, you'll be able to accept chat requests on your website, right from Slack and get notifications of all chats going on. Features: Concurrent chats, Canned responses, Chat transfer, Free App integrations, Chat history,  Amazing UI.

Hipmob (Slackbot)

Hipmob provides hosted live chat and in-app support and feedback for mobile applications. Hipmob's Slack integration allows Slack to receive notifications when new chats are initiated in Hipmob with a link to the specific chat so users can monitor a Slack room and respond promptly. Talk to your users; make them happy!

LinkedChat (Slackbot)

Live chat with your website visitors from Slack. A better way to talk with your online customers. Help desk tool based entirely on Slack.No additional software. Unlimited agents.Visitors of your site can instantly chat with you about pre-sales questions, support issues, etc. while you and your team respond directly from Slack without any additional tools to install or use. Just copy and paste small code into your website and you will be able to reply to your visitors directly from Slack.

Live Chat (Slackbot)

Live Chat by Social Intents lets you chat with website visitors right from Slack.   Convert your visitors to customers and sales by engaging them right from your web page.   All conversations happen right in Slack so there’s no need for any additional software or apps to download.  Answer chats from your desktop and mobile phone with ease! Live Chat gives you total control on the colors, text, and questions you ask as visitors enter the chat.  Set up your entire team in about 30 seconds!

Prudio (Slackbot)

Using our chat widget, your customers can talk with you using any device. You can use it to provide support, answer questions or concerns on e-commerce transactions and much more. No need to change your workflow — use Slack's mobile, desktop, and web apps to get started instantly. Interact with your potential customers online using your existing tool and work methods. Copy one line of code to your website and start engaging your customers. Be proactive and increase your customer happiness.

Ramen (Slackbot)

Ramen is a product for web businesses to better understand who is using their product, ask them highly-targeted in-app questions based on user behavior, analyze the results across different user segments, and provide a better and faster way for product teams to get the data they need to build a successful product. The integration allows your team to receive updates in a Slack channel when a user answers a question and when a new user signs up.

Sameroom (Slackbot)

Sameroom provides real-time interoperability between Slack and other chat systems. There are three main ways of using Sameroom: 1. sameroom.io/open-a-tube — Connect channels or private groups to other teams (e.g., on Skype)2. sameroom.io/create-a-portal — Share your Slack channel with another team via URL3. sameroom.io/attend — Use Slack for customer support: respond to tweets, Intercom messages, etc. For more recipes and information, see the Sameroom blog, Frequently Asked Questions, and Limitations.

Slaask (Slackbot)

Slaask is the first customer chat tool that is 100% integrated into Slack. With Slaask, you no longer need to use a separate customer chat tool outside of Slack.Finally, your customer chat tool is fully integrated into Slack. While reducing friction within your company operations, leverage Slack's features for your customers (search engine, fully native apps for iOS and Android...). Slaask is for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses who believe in the all your tools in one place Slack vision. Slaask.Less tabs. Better reactivity. More conversions.

Smooz (Slackbot)

Your clients are on Slack, you're on Slack, why use anything else? Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners. Whether you're an agency looking to connect with clients, a core team coordinating with a local team, or just for fun, Smooz is here to help you connect in a more convenient way. Smooz lets you create a dedicated channel between two Slack teams. It's incredibly easy to set up: 1) Click Add to Slack to get your personal link. 2) Share it privately with the team(s) you want to invite, or embed a public button in your web page3) They click on Add to Slack. That's it! Smooz will create a dedicated channel in each team, in which you can chat with the other team, as well as send files. Both teams can invite as many users as they want in their channel, rename it, or make it private. Forget about - asking your users to join as single-channel users - asking your client to invite you and your team in their Slack- creating a joint Slack just to discuss a project with a partner. Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners.

Talkus (Slackbot)

With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS. Talkus is the most powerful help desk entirely based on Slack. Increase visitor conversion, user retention, engagement and create happy customers in a snap. Your users see a beautiful chat window on your website: all their chat messages are piled in your Talkus channel in your own Slack. With simple Slack commands, you can assign them to your team, take screenshots for your users and invite your expert teammates to the discussion, in addition to all the cool Slack features (auto-completion, emojis, etc). Talkus also automatically performs a user satisfaction survey when you close tickets and remembers all you need to know about your customers. You don't need another complicated and expensive app to help your online customers: install, customize the look and display of Talkus and invite teammates in a few seconds, and start making your users happy. For more details, visit http://talkus.io and talk to us!

Yodel (Slackbot)

Our Yodel bot lives in your Slack channels and announces calls. - Answer the calls directly from Slack and talk via the web browser or mobile phone.- Dial out with the /yodel slash command.- Invite others in Slack to the calls.- Share calls via the Yodel link inside and outside of Slack. Finally, you can share not only GIFs but also calls!

Brand24 (Slackbot)

Get access to online mentions about your brand or product directly from Slack so that you don’t miss anything. Hook up your project to Slack to make teamwork easier and more effective - discuss mentions, make group decisions and assign tasks. We’ve got you covered!

Chatra (Slackbot)

Chatra is a modern live chat platform that can be embedded on your website or web app. Talk to your users and visitors in real time to increase sales, collect feedback and boost customer satisfaction. This integration posts incoming chat notifications, chat transcripts and offline messages to channels in Slack. Incoming chat notifications can be posted in a different channel from transcripts and offline messages.

Delighted (Slackbot)

Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers, and with our Slack integration you can ensure everyone on your team sees feedback from customers as it happens. Your Delighted feedback can be sent to any of your Slack channels.  Set up rules to send feedback about your app to an #engineering channel, or Promoters to a #testimonial channel. You can also turn on a daily summary that will post a summary of your NPS and previous day's activity to a channel of your choice. Features:* Send Delighted feedback into Slack channels in real time. * Send feedback from Promoters, Passives, or Detractors to any channel* Send feedback from any Trend to any channel* Choose from any existing channel or create a new channel* Simple setup process

Enchant (Slackbot)

Enchant is a help desk solution that makes your customer communication process simpler, faster and more personal. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when ticket activity occurs within Enchant.

Groove (Slackbot)

The Groove integration will send notifications of incoming tickets (and a variety of other notification preferences) right into your Slack team's own Groove Channel. You can use these notifications to collaborate with your team in real time about customer questions without even leaving your chat room.

MadKudu (Slackbot)

The MadKudu App is a great way for your sales team to get notified when something important happened or needs to be done. For example, it lets you know when a high potential value customer signed up. Or when a customer became engaged enough that it is a good time to reach out and close.

Promoter (Slackbot)

Promoter.io is a premium SaaS-based NPS (Net Promoter Score) solution that helps companies reduce churn and improve customer growth by identifying and engaging with their biggest promoters and detractors. This integration will post realtime scores and feedback into any of your Slack channels and will also display the customer's profile. Clicking on the entry will directly link you to follow-up within the Promoter.io app. Features: Quick and easy setup Display customer feedback across teams (sales, marketing, customer success, operations, engineering, etc.) Post realtime feedback and scores to any existing or new Slack channel

Reamaze (Slackbot)

If you use Slack, you’re probably accustomed to managing just about everything related to your team’s digital workflow through it. Google documents, git commits, project management, etc. That’s the beauty of an integrated workflow. In case you’ve been looking for another fitting piece to the puzzle, look no further: Reamaze now integrates with Slack to bring customer support to your team’s channels.

SatisMeter (Slackbot)

SatisMeter is a feedback platform that collects NPS and customer feedback directly inside mobile and web apps based on specific usage patterns. With SatisMeter you can reduce churn by proactively solving customer issues, validate product priorities based on your customers' feedback and measure and track satisfaction of your customers. Connect SatisMeter to Slack and see your customer feedback in real-time in your Slack channel.

Twitter (Slackbot)

Twitter is a social network and microblogging service where users post 140-character messages called "tweets" to their followers. This integration will allow you to: * Automatically expand pasted Twitter URLs, displaying the full tweet and attached media * Automatically post tweets to a channel that are sent to/from a Twitter account of your choice

Userlike (Slackbot)

Userlike is a customizable chat platform that can be embedded on your website. Chat live with website visitors to deliver feedback and support instantly. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a chat is started or an offline message is received.

Zendesk (Slackbot)

Zendesk is web-based software to manage your team's help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support. This integration allows your team to receive notifications when a help ticket is created, updated to "open" or "pending", solved, and closed.

Workbot (Slackbot)

Workbot from Workato lets you talk to your apps and take actions on them without leaving Slack. Top features: Get better app notifications. Cut down on app notification spam via intelligent filters and workflows.  E.g: based on the type or a threshold number of trouble tickets Take actions across 100+ apps. Eg: create tickets in github, update account info in Salesforce Get 360 degree view of customers across all your apps Get instant stats and trends across all your apps. Get charts on demand or get them on a schedule.  Eg: funnels from Mixpanel, invoice history from QuickBooks or order history from Salesforce. Workato also lets you easily personalize your Workbot commands or create brand new ones for your business. Supported apps: Docusign, Eventbrite, Expensify, Github, Intacct, Intercom, JIRA, Mailchimp, Marketo, Mixpanel, Pipedrive, QuickBooks, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Stripe, SurveyMonkey, Xero, Zendesk & 100+ more. Join hundreds of Workbot customers getting more our of their apps and Slack. For more information, go to www.workbot.com or contact us at workbot-info@workato.com.

CheckMarket (Slackbot)

CheckMarket is a cloud-based survey software solution with over 10,000 users in 150 countries. Conduct beautiful surveys and polls and act on the results! Unlimited support and users, built-in text analysis, Notifications, API, mobile friendly, professional services, integrations, multilingual support, Net Promoter Score (NPS) reporting and follow-up. This integration will allow you to:   1. Post a survey or poll directly to a Slack channel. Include the first question of your survey directly in your message to increase your response rate. Example: How likely are you to recommend [Company] to a friend or colleague?from Not at all likely (0) to Extremely likely (10). 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Click above on the score you want to give … 2. Post a survey notification to a Slack channel automatically and in real-time when a respondent answers a survey and meets your criteria.  For instance, get a Slack message if a respondent indicates that they are very unsatisfied. The message can include variables and a link to the respondent report. You can win back at-risk customers through coordinated customer follow-up. 3. Post a survey chart to a Slack channel. Share the results of a survey by posting a message including an image of a chart directly into a Slack channel.

Xprt (Slackbot)

Xprt provides instant tech support support for your team from within Slack. Our experts have years of experience and can quickly address all your questions. Describe your problem to our bot by typing: @xprt start chat, and one of our experts will help you solve it in a matter of minutes.

Aircall (Slackbot)

Aircall lets you instantly get the phone numbers you need anywhere in the world and distribute calls easily over your teams, wherever they are. Each teammate can make, receive and follow-up on calls using the Aircall app of his/her choice (for Mac, PC, mobile - no hard phone required!) Aircall automatically connects all your account information to Slack: new calls, availability of your users, state of your numbers...

Guru (Slackbot)

Guru’s knowledge sharing solution ensures your team always has access to expert-verified answers wherever they work, including Slack.  No more answering repetitive questions or searching through a sea of Slack conversations to find the right answer, simply save your team knowledge in Guru and use it without leaving Slack. When you are outside of Slack, our browser extension ensures everything is 1 click away.  Guru can also be tied to apps like Salesforce, Desk.com or Zendesk so the right knowledge gets contextually suggested to team members without having to search for it or shoulder tap an expert. Common Uses for Guru: - Sales & Customer Success Enablement - provide your team with accurate playbook information; including messaging & positioning, case studies, objection handling, competitive intel, product faq’s, etc.- Support Knowledge Base - provide accurate product FAQ’s, Troubleshooting Guides, & How To’s right at your support agent’s fingertips.- Company Wiki

Front (Slackbot)

Front aggregates all your channels (email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, etc.) in one place, so you can work on each task as a team. This Slack integration lets you: - send messages from Front to a Slack #channel or @user - automatically send notifications to Slack based on rules you define (“if message contains ‘billing’ notify @jeff”)

Screenleap (Slackbot)

Screenleap allows you to share your screen instantly with other members of your team. This integration is only available when using Slack in Chrome. To start a screen share, enter /leap in any channel. You will be given a link which you can post to your team members. They will be able to see your screen by simply clicking on the link. Chrome is currently required to share your screen, but viewing can be done from any device with a browser. The integration is also not currently compatible with the Screenleap for Mac and Screenleap for Windows apps.

Clubble.io (Slackbot)

Clubble.io bridges the gap between your Slack team and your email-reliant clients or partners. This integration allows you to receive emails & attachments in your channels and—most importantly—to reply directly from Slack. Two different tools, one same conversation. Example uses include: Send emails to your lawyer directly from your #legal channel. Start a hybrid Slack + email group with your Gmail-addict clients and exchange files in and out of Slack. Create a #mom-loves-gif channel and bring the awesomeness of Slack + Giphy to your mom's inbox. Chat-paced conversations are adapted for email users so that they don't feel spammed. Please note that if you just need to receive emails, not reply, Slack’s official email integration is here for you.

Foursquare (Slackbot)

Can’t decide where to get lunch with your team? Quickly find the best places to eat, drink or hang out, all from inside Slack. To find lunch places nearby, just type “/foursquare lunch near soma, san francisco”, and Foursquare will send you back our three best suggestions.

KAYAK (Slackbot)

Trying to find a flight for an upcoming conference? Need to agree on a hotel that fits your budget and your team? Wondering when your team members will be back on the ground? KAYAK's got your back! Use natural questions in plain English to get the information you’re looking for Search for hotels, flights and rental cars See upcoming arrivals for any airport & track individual flights Just install the KAYAK app and start using it by typing /kayak help

Lyft (Slackbot)

Get a ride in minutes with Lyft and experience freedom at your fingertips. Just type a command into Slack, and your ride will be on its way. Use slash commands to: Request Lyft, Lyft Line, and Lyft Plus rides Get ETAs and cost estimates Set default home and work addresses

Tastelog (Slackbot)

Tastelog is an application for delicious dishes and places.You can download Tastelog in App Store, Google Play, and Naver Store.In Slack, use /tastelog [keyword] near [location] to have a great dishes.

Slash TZ (Slackbot)

Provides a simple command-line interface for natural language time zone conversions. Performs queries like "right now in london and paris", "2pm in berlin", "9am for me in Rome", and optimized queries relative to your local time zone like "best time to reach tokyo". If your other Slack mates are also using it, you can query with their @username as well, e.g. "best time to have a meeting with @joe". Once installed, just type in "/tz help" to see all of the options.


Api.ai provides developers and companies with the advanced tools they need to build voice interfaces for apps and hardware devices. The Api.ai platform lets developers seamlessly integrate intelligent voice command systems into their products to create consumer-friendly voice-enabled user interfaces. Api.ai is also the company behind Assistant, a first of its kind conversational assistant app created in 2010 that now has more than 20 million users and is the highest rated assistant app available. The Api.ai team and board of advisors brings decades of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-computer interaction services.

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